Lighthouse Trails Seeking Working Couple to Help Through Winter at LT

Lighthouse Trails is looking for a husband/wife team who would be available to work and live at the Lighthouse Trails location in NW Montana this winter for 4-6 months (approx. Nov-April). Housing and utilities will be provided along with a small salary for both husband and wife. The job description for the husband is: Mon-Thur … [Read more…]

Lighthouse Trails is 13 years old! – 3-DAY STORE-WIDE ANNIVERSARY SALE

“THE CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY THAT SAYS NO TO POPULARITY AND COMPROMISE AND YES TO THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST” Lighthouse Trails is 13 years old! We officially began Lighthouse Trails in March 2002. Every year in March, we offer our readers an “Anniversary Sale” of our products. As in the past, this year we are … [Read more…]