1. Monica

    YES! I was bragging to my husband that I finally found a good, clean tv show until season episodes 6 & 7 came on… that party. That party… with all the men and women dressing up as the opposite gender. I could already tell it was a liberal agenda. Why did they think kids needed to be around that? An adult party. If that was today there would be drugs and drinking. I hate it… I hated they cut her hair too… why did they do this to the show… is this why it was cancelled?

  2. Jacks

    I only started reading the books when I watched the first season on Netflix. I enjoyed the takes and the adventures of Anne. And then, season two came along, and I was dumbfounded about all these adult themes shoved down our throats in what was supposed to be innocent adventures while growing up on the farm.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    When there is nothing good on t.v. I am forced to watch the weather channel! or practice piano. I watch the old movies on Turner classics, channel 67 in CA Cable t.v. Am very sad about the series Anne of Green Gables. I watched the first ones.

  4. Nancy

    A friend of mine sold his Netflix stock he was so sickened! The original story and video based on it was so wonderful. Insanity rules in this world.

  5. Carole

    I think it’s kind of funny that the entertainment industry must fictionalize works of classic fiction to make it palatable to todays society. I’ve watched Anne with an E and questioned if they were not writing in signs of schizophrenia and occult practice when I watched a certain scene with Anne staring into glass portion of a clock. Then I read that the author was in the grips of depression for parts of her life. It was very apparent from the beginning of the series that there was a liberal agenda tone to it all. I’ve decided to read the book itself instead to see what the original themes are.

  6. Bob

    Thank you Ed ! My wife and I turned the series off when they destroyed the story with the perverted agenda.

  7. Jane

    I was very disappointed when somewhere in Season 2 , I realized that this series was made for Homosexual Propaganda. It made me sick.

  8. Donna Toppo

    I watched the series and enjoyed it till at this point in the 2nd season. So disappointed. They changed and destroyed the story to spread the LGBT etc. takeover of almost all our entertainment! So sad! We can no longer get away from the abomination that is taking hold of this world.

  9. Bill

    It seems that many of the HGTV real estate shows are definitely pushing the homosexual agenda. I’ve noticed that frequently one of three or four episodes has a homosexual “couple” presented in their hunt for a house. About the only one that we’ll watch is the show with Chip and Joanna Gaines as they seem to be able to not cave in to the agenda.

  10. Kal

    I have wondered lately why we need to be entertained. Before radio, movies, and television, we talked, played games (indoor and outdoor) visited family, made cookies, etc. While many programs have some redeemed quality, many are of the world and not suggest another way to live, but push it. Many say, “What’s the big deal, it is just make believe?) Kids don’t understand that…unbelievers grasp onto those things that support their lifestyle. If we find ourselves making excuses to watch what we know to be sinful, and it doesn’t check our spirit, then the addiction is out of control. Every night used to be fun tv family togetherness. Now it is reruns of the 50′-60’s, maybe the food channel or nothing…which is not a loss. If I cannot welcome Christ into my living room because of what is on the television, then we should shut it off. Books, movies, tv shows, music…they all have embraced filth and are corrupted by sin, and of course the money they bring in is what keeps them being made. Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

  11. Jeffry

    Maybe 3% of america is gay. Hollywood, many Governments and many film makers have been pushing the homosexuality agenda for a long time. Thankfully, people like Ed are exposing these perversions. I have 12 grand children. I thank God my family is aware of this worlds agenda to remove God and the Bible from our society. We need to pray for protection of all the children.

  12. David and Tamra Lee

    Thank you for this! I didn’t realize there had been a remake of the Anne of Green Gables book into movie. Sadly, the book itself has some very questionable things (her fascination with fairies – which in the occult are a type of demon, and other “magical” things) which besmirch otherwise delightful stories of a little girl desperately wanting love. Note! L.M. Montgomery herself was involved in the occult. She used an early version of the Ouija board; did “table tilting, ” and believed her cat was psychic! Her tragic life with a somewhat deranged Presbyterian minister husband only added to the confusion. See: http://www.homemakerscorner.com/lmmont.htm; http://occult-world.com/ghost…/lucy-maud-montgomery; https://survivalresearch.ca/Montgomery_Lucy_Maud.pdf

  13. Denny

    I am afraind we wouldn’t see the 3rd season of this nice story because of all these controversy. This is quite ok for adults but for the kids it will be very confusing which is not good at all.

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