1. CW

    The Lord revealed this very thing to me months ago. Some people don’t believe it, but I know it’s true. It’s been unbelievable. Definitely a nation- and world-changing thing, if it succeeds. I’m still praying for God’s mercy on our land and other countries, too.

  2. CW

    “Then the CDC abandoned tradition and sensibility and treated COVID differently than every other disease.”

    I can only remember one other time when I’ve seen this in my lifetime, and that was when AIDS became an epidemic in the 1980s. Instead of plain common sense in every way, including social quarantining which could have prevented transmission, the cause of it was a political football, defended by the Left and Hollywood celebrities, which meant there would be no common-sense approach. And so the whole issue became far worse through the years to where we are today.

  3. Linda

    I am glad to see that Heidi has mentioned the Great Reset. The world has been upside down for along time. It’s getting scary to say the least. Share the Gospel, and pray, pray pray. Psalm 91 , is my go to comfort reading . God is , and always will be on the Thrown, and in control.

  4. Sue

    It is time to stay on our knees and fight for this election to be decided by honest votes. Pray! Pray! Pray! Christians give up too easy . Our job is to pray until we can’t over this election. Pray and fast!

  5. Pam

    This was all planned and the evil and corruption runs far deeper than an election that has been tampered with. They have an agenda. Bad days are coming if Biden is elected. Come Lord Jesus

  6. Jeffry

    One final comment, the end of this age is drawing near. The”day of salvation” has already been lengthened out in the long-suffering of God. Satan knows his time is short and is busier than ever alluring men to their doom by the false gospels of Spiritism, Theosophy, and other deceptions. Should the reader as yet know not the joy of God’s pardoning mercy through the death of Christ and the gift of eternal life in Him, this may be freely obtained. The Divine conditions are simple. They are “Repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ “ (Acts 20:21) and (1 John 5:12) “He that hath the Son hath the life; he that hath not the Son of God hath not the life”. Trust Him today.

  7. Jeffry

    The fix is in. President Trump has to prove fraud in the election by December 12 or Biden will be America’s next President. Biden says masks to everyone leaving their home when he takes over the presidency. The “fake” pandemic will be used as a pretext to register and control every one and intern all Dissenters. The Democrats/Satanists/Communists are dedicated to Take over America. The mainstream media are lying about everything. Truth will not come from them. If Biden wins there will not be an honest election again. President Trump has only The Rule of Law in our Constitution. It must be unforced or we are all headed for a Communist take over of The United States of America. Christians need to pray that the truth will win over this evil. We must leave it in The Lords Hands. Pray for our Country and the world that is headed for the New World Order.

  8. Heidi Lavoie

    Time Magazine is devoting an entire issue to The Great Reset. The major topics covered can be found on line on Time’s website. They are set to bring in their world government. Our PM (in Canada) has already stated that he will be closely working with Biden on key issues, one being “climate change”. This is the way they plan on rolling out their diabolical agenda.

  9. Elizabeth Bennett

    I believe our yr. 2020 was all planned out by evil forces around the world, including the virus (which was created in a bio-weapons lab), the lockdown, mail-in votes, etc. Satan is on the rampage.

  10. Elizabeth Bennett

    I feel ill, probably due to the unbelievable election fraud going on. Some voting machines are changing votes for Trump to Biden. On election day Trump seemed to be winning. I am praying that the fraud will be weeded out and that the honest results will emerge. In our previous elections those cheating voting machines were provided by G. Soros and friends. May the Lord keep us strong through all this; may He give us His peace, His shalom.

  11. Jeffry

    COVID-19 is simply a flu. It led to a false Pandemic. Lockdowns helped kill Thousands of people. Lockdowns opened the door for allowing our government to give people a chance to vote by mail instead of in person because people were afraid to get COVID-19. We now have a presidential election crisis that is tearing our country apart. We are now seeing Fraud in the counting ballots by the Democratic Party. Was this their plan all along? Corruption of votes is staggering. Riots, looting and cries of “Death to America” by the BLM. Laws being broken by the democrats in many states. History could tell us that this looks like a Communist Coup beginning. Is it? Pray for guidance and wisdom from our Heavenly Father. Show love and kindness towards those who hate our country and our Savior. Preach the Gospel while we still can. Keep looking up, help is on the way!

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