1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Matt Staver is a Christian American lawyer who is defending Americans who refuse to take the vaccines. More than 40,000 healthy Americans have died soon after getting the vaccine and there are thousands who are permanently maimed; he has the statistics. My friend’s sister became paralyzed after getting the shot. Sterility, miscarriages, babies born with defects and many other adverse effects. This is heartbreaking. Please do not get vaccinated or vaccinate your children. The vaccine does not work and it is not safe. Five of my grandchildren got vaccinated because their father told them to, and also my son and daughter-in-law, although I warned them not to. My son listened to the in-laws because they are doctors. I cry and pray that they will be healthy despite this poison death shot–words an Israeli doctor used.

  2. Jeffry

    Here you go Michael: American military news.com, Christian research.org. Military times.com. Rairfoundation.com World tribune. Com. To name 5 of many. The mainstream news media are liars most of the time.

  3. Jeffry

    US military count for vaccines: Over 41 thousand deaths. 3.9 million incidents from experimental vaccines!!!! And only God knows how many more will die from these poison vaccines!!!!!! Pray for our military. This is sic!!!!

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