1. Cornelis van Rems

    This morning I had the privilege to speak about the letter of Judas. Now I read what brother Oakland is saying about this letter, I am very happy that the most things I was speaking about were the same as he said.
    So for me this is a joyful moment .
    Thank you very much brother Oakland for you opinian.
    may thr \Lord bless you abundantly.

  2. GJ

    Thanks for bringing to point.

    Like Roger says, the creeping is a threat. Is it kind of like the topic of “clean feet” that’s a trending discussion…

    Is it really confusing to what it means to have our feet washed? Is it not those that have taken “the bath” already to become clean… that need the daily “foot washing”, i.e. discipleship?

    Does washing our feet… when we’re “Pig-Pen” steeped in world’s filth… do us any good? With “no bath”, i.e. baptized with the Holy Spirit… and someone says we’re “clean” without the blood of Jesus Christ which gives us the gift from God, the Holy Spirit… wouldn’t we be like a “white washed tomb”?

    When you “step in it”… will you stand… will you fall? https://hopeishereblog.wordpress.com/the-ten-toes-2/

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