1. Joetha

    Amen and this is why I watch live services on SBN ( Sonlife Broadcasting Network). try it it’s REAL church.

  2. anne

    Talk about ‘Christian comedians’, I have visited many churches in my area and that is what the Pastors preach! They put on plays, mock the disciples, and prophets, and tell ‘funny’ stories’, etc. That is why I can’t go to church anymore, church has become entertainment, it is disgusting. Mocking is what I call it!

  3. SusanJ

    So sad for the victims. And while there is nothing wrong with fun and laughter, the fact that people lift up such men shows the continual going after amusement in the Church today….. All while dear brothers and sisters in many places of the world suffer for living for Christ. And millions of others die without ever hearing the name of Christ. Tragic.

  4. John J

    God is Holy. This “sense of humor” talk comes from those who want to justify their so-called comedy. Have you ever watched these so-called “Christian” comedians on the Tube? Vain, I tell you and blasting a false gospel too. Yes, you can be a Christian and be funny, but I agree with you: What is a Christian comedian? Is the question of eternal life and salvation a laughing matter? Nope. I will stop here with you.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Coverups of sexual abuse in any church, be it evangelical or R.C. ignore the damage done to the victims, be they children or adults. We must not keep silent. Epstein protectors did not care about the victims.

  6. Rita

    In light of God’s Word, and as we look at God’s Word, where would the term “Christian Comedian” come in?? In Ephesians starting at chapter 5, verse 2: “And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour. 3. But, fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as be cometh saints; 4. Neither filthiness, nor FOOLISH TALKING, NOR JESTING….” I bolded foolish talking and nor jesting with purpose. Again, I ask you, where does a Christian Comedian even make sense in light of God’s Word?? It is tragic what has happened to so many women. This same thing has happened time and again within the Christian community. It isn’t limited to the comedians. I believe some of it happens because we have not stood strong in God’s Word. Little by little we have allowed many changes to take place within the body Ehpesiansof Christ. In a sense, we have been, perhaps, bullied into acceptance of things that really should not be. More than one person has told me (in light of Ephesians Chapter 5:4), “Don’t TELL ME God doesn’t have a sense of humor.” He very well may have a sense of humor, but I can assure you that, if He does, it is NOTHING like mankinds sense of humor. I will stop here.

  7. Nina

    The victims will live with their abuse for the rest of their lives. Churches (not all but too many) are run like businesses and will protect anything negative from being exposed! It’s infuriating and gives all of Christianity a bad name. I don’t agree with labeling sexual abuse as a sexual addiction (which Crist claims to have). That implies a disease and removes responsibility from the abuser and forgets the real victims! Enraging.

  8. John J

    In typical fashion, the “Christian” coverage of these most despicable acts is, as you’ve alluded to, disregarding the real victims. The real victims are the only victims; the predator, be it this “funny man” or whoever, was in full control of his actions; please don’t be fooled by man’s theologies and strange ideas.
    Go back to any church- and sex or other scandals (be it suicide after so-called ‘therapy’ at a fake church in L.A.), and you’ll see how “churches” close rank and protect the guilty and destroy the victims even further.
    Light has nothing to do with darkness; nothing whatsoever.

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