1. nng

    This article is timely, the Christian post featured Rick Warren today. Most people today DO believe the Roman Catholic Church is just another denomination. I have a sister-in-law who married a Roman Catholic my husband’s brother. She has always gone to a different church though she allowed all three of her sons to be schooled in the Roman Catholic schools and church. She does not take them with her to Church. She claims she is a Christian and she claims to know the differences. I confronted her with a letter. I will not have anything to do with folks who are purposely going to a church they know is not Biblical. I make it a point to tell my Roman Catholic extended family I AM NOT CATHOLIC. I give them the truth when I can, I am courteous to them, but I will not act as if they and I have a common ground. WE DO NOT. They have a different jesus whom they continually sacrifice and eat. I am starting to believe that their Peter is another god.

  2. charles

    very deceptive. i was preaching in my area
    yesterday as i finished a woman opened up
    her window and said thank you for doing with you are doing, i noticed rosary beads on her visor mirror and a so called picture of jesus , she invited me to be in front of her harlot church today i did not answer,pray for her she took a tract i gave her did not beat upon the false church she attends, as she left she had a picture of rosary beads in her window on the back of her car , please pray for this zealous lost woman who needs the real jesus of the bible. we are in very deceptive times biblically. rev 22-18-19

  3. JDV

    While things were still underway at Asbury, well-published seminary professor Craig Keener made a video entitled “Answering critics of the Asbury Revival”


    Someone commented: “very concerned about Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer being taught at Asbury seminary. Both Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating gleaned this practice from Buddhism. I am 65 and an ExCatholic and my mom was reading Thomas Merton when I was little.”

    Keener replied: “I’m no expert on Lectio Divina but I have read that it goes back to the early monastic communities–that is, that Christians have been practicing it for over 1500 years …”

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Unity with the Roman Catholic Church should never be our goal, or unity with world religions. This is satan’s goal. In end times true believers will be few. The terrible Inquisition was in force for centuries in which Jews and non-catholics were tortured and killed in horrible ways. This persecution came from the R. C. church. The theology and practices of this church are the opposite of what Christ would want. Our family left the R.C. church many yrs. ago, beginning with my grandfather, who was a Jew but was forced to become catholic.

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