1. CW

    “How could this mystical revolution have come about? How could this perspective have become so widespread?” — In my humble opinion, this began to take root and spread in Christian churches when professed Christians (including pastors) drifted away from reading the Word of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them as they read. And then began substituting “devotional books” (or nothing at all) which led them into false beliefs and false doctrines, which the Bible calls “doctrines of demons”. People sit in churches wanting to have their ears tickled instead of having their hearts convicted of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. They don’t realize that what might seem negative — the conviction of the Holy Spirit — is actually a tremendous blessing, for that’s the only way we can see sin and repent of it, turning to the LORD to forgive us and set our feet on the right path.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Brother Yungen, The alternate false christ wont just show up and start a brand new one world religion. No indeed for his legion of seducing spirits will have it already up and running. I knew that trance inducing meditation was practiced by every false faith. It was also practiced by the Catholic mystics. God used a PBS documentary on a vast world wide array of shamanism and mystical practices to alert me. The Holy Spirit at that point simply clicked the light switch. Suddenly it became very clear to me. It was you and Lighthouse that exposed pantheism as the deeper method of connection. C. S. Lewis had some bad bones in his theology but he had this thing pegged. His conjecture was that Hinduism would eventuallyabsorb all world religions. Other religions are exclusive but Hinduism is designed to become all inclusive. So it will be said that the god in my religion greets the god in your religion. Even the Utopian secular humanists will embrace this illusion of love peace and harmony. Good traps never ever look like traps. Sadly just look at all the seminaries and denominations and pastors helping spread this false gospel to the flock. Worse yet they blast slander and persecute you for being divisive. Now boldly defending the faith is a crime.

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