Christian Organizations Falsely Labeled ‘Hate’ Groups

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by Linda Harvey
Mission America

Columbus, OH

[Another] pro-family organizations was just listed as a “hate” group on a supposedly objective web site. It might be amusing if it didn’t hurt the reputations of tireless and upstanding Christian groups.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and originally was a watchdog for racist groups, and I certainly appreciate this focus. But the group also has a long history of radical left-wing activism, including more recently, becoming defenders of “tolerance.” By their priorities, though, we are to tolerate every religion except Christianity. There is to be no criticism of law-breaking and financially-draining illegal immigrants, because that’s “racism.” And homosexuality and transgenderism are to be considered worthy lifestyles. Those who oppose homosexuality in the public arena are now automatically suspect.

The SPLC identifies groups they deem as “hate” groups. They regularly publish hate group lists, and this wouldn’t matter if they were just another goofball leftie group out there. But some law enforcement agencies use this group’s information for their own “watch” lists, and the SPLC even conducts some “hate crimes” training.

Along with the neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan groups, they have recently begun adding others they call “anti-gay.” And that’s where these pro-family groups come in. Traditional Values Coalition based in California is headed by Reverend Lou Sheldon…. TVC is now a so-called “hate” group listed on the SPLC web site. Click here to read this entire article.

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