1. barbara carpenter

    Searching out to find truth about Moody Bible Institute Spiritual Formation Distance Learning Course of Study…is heresy promoted and practiced?

  2. Ralph

    A good study for Bible believing Christians is to look at textual criticism from the 1800s that has now swept Bible colleges, churches and denominations.

  3. Jim Gray

    It is important that christians realise that the Chicago statement is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ for what it states and then denies in its ‘exposition’ at the end. Dr. Floyd Nolan Jones had done an excellent expose of the duplicity of the statements.

  4. Ralph

    Great news, howerver, we tried to use the Chicago statement to explain to our past church board and pastor and they interpreted it to mean only the original autograph’s that no longer exist. This was a small EFCA past bible believing chrurch in north central Minnesota. Very sad and frustrating for us.

  5. T. I. Miller

    This is good news yet sad that it is even necessary. LTRP has many articles of Moody’s drift into, what I see as, apostasy they have a long long way to go to return to the narrow path. I pray this is a trend to return to the gospel.

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