1. Jeffry

    Christianity Today is just another ” christian magazine ” taken over by apostates who are New Age clowns of Satan. All of them need to repent of their sins and turn to the Lord Jesus today.

  2. Kat

    Thanks again Lighthouse Trails for being a beacon in this dark and evil world. So many believers have been deceived for a number of years. I’ve been reading your articles and buying your books and brochures for 10plus years . I highly encourage everyone, who hasn’t already purchased books , etc, from Lighthouse Trails , to please do so. A dear friend of mine was deceived and I gave her one of the first books I read , which was The Light That Was Dark by Warren Smith. She read it and God opened her eyes and she realized , unknowingly, that she had been deceived. Please , everyone read all the books such as Faith Undone, by Roger Oakland. Also Out of India by Caryl Matrischiana , as well as as many as you can purchase from LT. Thanks again, Lighthouse Trails for all you do for the Lord for such a time as this . God bless you all

  3. CW

    Thank you for this link. Wish I could read it all, but I’m not willing to be a CT subscriber just for that. This is no surprise to me, as I’ve known for years that Sojourners (Wallis’ “ministry”) is socialist, as is Soros.

    Though the author is not a Christian, I highly recommend Radical Son by David Horowitz (also his book about the unholy alliance between leftists and Islamists). He was raised communist by parents who emigrated to the USA and were active in the Communist Party all their lives in this country. He was a flaming radical in the ’60s, active at Berkeley for years, and gives valuable insight into the socialist movement here in America — including Soros’ background and current activities.

  4. Win not lose

    Excellent article! In an August 20, 2010 CT article, Sarah Bailey writes that Jim Wallis, of Sojourners has admitted to receiving money from George Soros.

  5. Sharon

    Thanking God for you again, Lighthouse Trails! I am amazed at the incredible amount of research, biblical knowledge and prayer that you pour into every article. This one is truly monumental!!! Thank you for all of your hard work.

  6. CW

    Never mind. I see my response now . Glad it showed up here, though the whole thing was rather odd.

  7. CW

    I wrote a response citing my experience at CT’s website which mirrors the issues you all noted; I typed it once, hit Send, and got a message saying it had been submitted twice, so was rejected. ??? I hope you can post it.

  8. CW

    AMEN to your article on CT’s dishonesty, LT! I hate to have to say this, but CT’s new disclaimer (the latest article they wrote to try to do damage control stemming from the first one by Mark Galli) is patently dishonest.

    I know this because I participated in their discussion forums (commenting on various articles/issues, always seeking to bring a Biblical perspective), and Every Single Time ‘official’ authors of articles (and even staff) there who were completely aligned with today’s version of CT tried to shoot me down. Not Even Once did they agree with and seek to promote the truth of God’s Word!

    GOD BLESS YOU, LT!!! Keep the faith and stay strong. You are so needed and so appreciated!

  9. Elizabeth Bennett

    Liberal so-called Christians helped elect a man who tried to destroy all that our American founders had fought and died for. Many at Biola U. voted for him to the shock of conservative believers. That President destroyed the most affordable healthcare ever in world history and we are still trying to recover from the damage that that administration did to America. We may never recover. President Trump is not perfect but at least he loves America and is not persecuting true believers the way liberals are. Trump honors and loves our police officers and U.S. military. The Lord has given America a reprieve from the chaos and evil that may follow after Trump is gone. May God help us!

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