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  1. June

    Is the day just around the corner when such folks as her would be turned away due to being unvaccinated? I believe it is.

    Dear church, would you consider taking such a person who is a fellow brother or sister into your own home in such a situation?

    Over church history, the church has:

    Set up hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, charities, homes for teen mothers, pregnancy centers, rest homes, the pro life movement, helping persecuted Christians, missionary work, smuggling Jews out of nazi tyranny and certain death, and the underground railroad to help free the slaves and much more. It has been our calling to originate such ministry organizations to help the hurting in the world.
    I sense that a new ministry will soon be in order for such as those I mentioned first. There may be nowhere else for them to go in the times ahead. We must search our hearts and see if there is room. The answer lies in the Bible.

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