1. Susan

    I was shocked and dismayed to learn of this and immediately prayed to God to enlighten Chuck Swindoll Thank you lighthouse trails for keeping us abreast on the latest developments There is so much deception out there – your website has been an invaluable resource I am in the process of writing my first book and this type of information is critical as the author’s works I cite will have an impact on my work and reputation I am removing the one book coauthored by Chuck Swindoll which was in my bibliography and double checking the associated work I always check everything against Scripture no matter who wrote it so I should be ok But this should remind us all that we must never become complacent

  2. Roman

    This is very troubling to hear. I really liked Pastor Swindoll, but after this, I question not only his judgment but his walk with God. Who in their right Christian mind would ever quote Mother Theresa? Very troubling indeed.

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