1. Stephen S. Weaver

    Sadly, this website and article’s author do not know their Scriptures and therefore do not have a clue. “They are blind guides; leave them …”

  2. Julie

    This is such a RICH article for those of us who have struggled against “spiritual formation” presentation in our churches! God’s Spirit has protected us from being caught up in this movement, but it has resulted in being disqualified from leadership and disunity from the leaders in my congregation. Instead God has drawn me toward being a Berean and a Watchman on the wall!

  3. T. I. Miller

    The chicken or the egg? As always error always begets more error. What is the genesis of the acceptance of the un-biblical by those who ought to know better. Have they gone the way of King Solomon? Are they so full of themselves that they have become wise fools. Conversely are they bereft of immutable biblical truths? Has the rush for seeker friendly explosive church growth caused them to become ear ticklers. Now with internet tech. pastors can run a church franchise business. They can be the teaching pastor by video projector to scores of churches. What was the beginning of this most recent great falling away from the gospel according to Jesus. All heresies over the centuries have one thing in common. That is a wrong and or low view of scripture. These movements always either read their wicked imaginings into the text or discard and distort the true meaning of the text. Have the seminaries and pulpits been filled by deluded non born again cultural Christians? It is impossible to have biblical discernment apart from the indwelling Spirit of God. We do know this that in the end times a great delusion will be sent. I see it as a preliminary separating of the few sheep from the many goats. Christians were brutally persecuted in the beginning so it will be again in the end time

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