1. Ted

    “Racism” is Marxist slander invented by the dead Red Communist Leon Trotsky. The word and spirit of the accuser are both devilish and earthy.

  2. Sandra Lee Smith

    “Racism” is inherent in all fallen humanity. There was andis LESS of it in American society tham most,because of our Judeo-Christian foundation, but as that has been increasingly eroded & silenced, the inherent sin nature of all unrepentant humans has become more prevalent & pronounced, ergo making racism appear to be woven into our society wlhere it’s not, & never was. BTW, look closely at those who most loudly decry such “systemic” racism, & consider that in virtually ALL cases, those doing so are PROJECTING! They are the racist haters, not those they decry as such, regardless the actual “races” , which don’t even exist. We are ALL HUMAN, 1 race. The rest are subgroups, like different breeds of dogs, cats, or horses: fundamentally, each animal IS a dog, cat, or horse, not some different creature. So too, with humans; ” race” is a lie to divide, for the most part. We all breathe O2, & bleed red, share basic anatomic characteristics, etc, & ” under the hood” we ALL look the same!

  3. Donald L. Johnson

    Anyone that believes “racism” is not inherent in American society (I am not saying in people) is simply in denial.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is so refreshing to hear authentic Christian brothers who know the truth. Praise the Lord for this pastor!

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