1. kddlporter

    Well, they may not like the end result of what that site turns out to be….or where some of the links go, if the Christian who designs it is true to Christ.

  2. Jeffry

    So, ‘Essential’ Democratic Ideas force Americans to bow down to laws that our unconstitutional. These Satanic judges have taken away Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Religion. What’s next? Freedom to follow laws made-up of God- hating judge’s with “Democratic Ideas? Our Constitution has been thrown into the fire. Our God Given Rights have been reduced by “Technicalities “ with Government Power Grabs. These judges are playing God. Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) must lose to our God Given Rights!!! Pray for wisdom and help from our Heavenly Father in this Age of Darkness and hatred of God’s Creation and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. John J

    If not already, a same-sex ‘couple’ will target her on purposely. Not trying to be flippant by the court’s ruling, but I smell the effects of Mary Jane.

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