1. CW

    Other presidents have tried to enact peace in Israel / Jerusalem by various means. Jimmy Carter was hailed for this when he brought key leaders to Camp David and signed a “peace accord” back then.

    As Elizabeth Bennett says, only when Christ Jesus is ruling and reigning over the earth will there be true, everlasting peace on earth.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    My son, a missionary in Spain told me today that Pamplona, Spain has been declared a Jew-free city. Europe as a whole is virulently anti-semitic. Rabbis are telling their fellow Jews to leave Europe and go to Israel.

  3. B.K.

    The one who makes the covenant with many Daniel 9:27 is the prince to come: a.k.a. antichrist. If this deal does go through then wouldn’t that make it Tump or Kushner?

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Believing Jews and Gentiles shall be made one in Christ! There will never be peace on earth until Jesus reigns. The Jews will finally have all the land that was promised to them by God.

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