1. Goel

    I love reading Job 38-42 where the LORD reveals Himself to Job in the whirlwind. Absolutely beautiful to read.

  2. Jeffry

    What does the Health Care workers in America think of this Coved-19 vaccine? 51% of the Health Care workers and 1st Responders polled in December 2020 were not convinced of the merits of getting vaccinated, even if it was free and available. Currently no # COVID-19 vaccine is FDA approved. Thousands of Doctors tell us not to take this vaccine. Lovingly tell people this vaccine could kill them. The lockdowns and this”Pandemic “ has no end in site thanks to President Biden’s opening of our Borders allowing thousands of immigrants with the Coronavirus to enter our Country!!! Pray Christians Pray!!!

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Do not take the vaccine. There have been horrendous side-effects with some people, like death, palsy and doctors do not know what to do. The Sheriff in my county will not take it, nor his family. I pray the vaccine will not be required for travel.

  4. Goel

    If only the Covid-19 virus was real. Here’s a link to a journalist from Ireland who’s been fighting to get information on the fear-based “virus”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/av6eHc68hQnW/. Gemma O’Doherty is a wonderful soul in the front lines trying to wake up the Irish people and the world who would open their ears and minds as to what is truly going on.
    We all have coronavirus in us. Our Father in heaven intentionally put those viruses/exosomes in our bodies to detoxify our cells and tissues of toxic substances that we unknowingly consume. This is the real reason we get the “flu”. All of us do not get the “flu” at the same time of the year. All of our individual bodies react differently at different times of the year. Please research this information and learn how our bodies truly work.

  5. SusanJ

    While certainly there is no need to be wearing a mask when alone, there could be a reasonable explanation too for some without deducing they are being lied to. For example, our daughter worked as an occupational therapist on a covid unit and she might be going from the unit to visit a home. The rules on the wearing of masks as part of PPE was that once the mask was touched it was to be discarded. So by keeping it on and not touching it while going from A to B meant she did not have to change it. So it could be that the people we see in a car alone wearing a mask are just following best practice in mask-wearing.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    It looks like Israel will not allow visitors unless they have had the Covid vaccine. Mat Staver is trying to tell Netanyahu that Israel would lose millions in revenue if this false mandate is required for travel to Israel. I have heard from doctors in my own family that the vaccine can change your DNA and also uses aborted baby parts. There is one vaccine producer, I think Pzizer? that has had lawsuits in the past due to permanent damage suffered by patients. There has also been permanent damage from Bill Gates’ vaccines used in Africa. Every person has a unique body; I have a friend who will die if she takes any vaccine. We do not all react the same to a vaccine. I personally to not believe a vaccine is necessary; the Covid is a type of flu. If I get Covid I already know what to do at home; I wrote the info down and am taking many vitamins. But lockdowns are making the Covid cases more numerous. Stay at home orders for healthy people is not an option. We need to get back to normal, but not a new normal. Sunshine and sea water kill Covid in a few minutes. It is that simple. M.Staver is an attorney defending persecuted American Christians.

  7. Jeffry

    Just 2 comments to add to my other comments. What started the “ New Normal”? A magic virus that we could not see. A virus that they called a Pandemic. A flu. The start of “ Total Mind Control “. How many viruses are on the way? The vaccine for them: Backed by Big Pharma, CDC, WHO and government. Media Propaganda and the Bio-Technology leaders? Praying is our only answer to get the truth out to the world.

  8. Jeffry

    God Bless you lighthouse trails. Satan’s Masterpiece is to exterminate Gods Creation. Sin has turned some men into killers; they think they are GOD!!! A new year that begins with the Great Reset, New Normal? It is pure evil. Genetically ( DNA) changing mankind. Their vaccine will change man into some sort of Trans-Human. The Rapture of the Church is a any moment event. Spiritual Warfare with Satan is at its Peak. Are you saved? Have you trusted The Lord Jesus Christ as your savior? Do not put it off another moment!!!

  9. Goel

    Fulfilling Bible prophesy. All I am doing now is awaiting the return of our Lord and Savior to take back what is rightfully His.
    From my understanding of viruses/exosomes is that they are absolutely need by our bodies to detoxify our bodies cells. If we do not have coronaviruses in our bodies, we would have died out a long time ago. Please find out who Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan are. These two men are great people who will give you better insights on coronaviruses. GOD made our bodies totally perfect where it would be able to cleanse itself naturally with all of the plants He provided for us. This was stated in Genesis where He gave all the herbs of the field for meat.
    Please watch this video between David Icke (yes I do know he is a New Ager) and Celeste Solum – https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hay3FYxce9yv/. Celeste used to work for FEMA providing planning for disasters. Please share this video if I’m allowed to say that here at LT.

  10. Goel

    The “new normal” being forced down everyone’s throat comes from the Chinese experiment where constant surveillance is daily life and your behavior determines whether you will travel somewhere or not, be it locally or abroad. It has a name called social credit.
    I’m still amazed that the majority of the population still believe a virus is responsible for all of this. As an example, when a person goes to a restaurant, they have to put their mask on just before entering. When they sit down, the mask can be taken off to eat and drink. After paying the bill, the mask goes back on until they exit the building. I did not know a virus can be so intelligent to render the population stupid.
    This Great Reset agenda is going according to plan along with Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Seventeen of the UN Sustainable Goals within those two agendas involve vaccination. All of this can be found on the UN’s web site.
    It is time for the Body of Christ to stop living in fear of something that has NEVER been isolated, purified or observed and cannot be detected by the RT-PCR test. Even Fauci said anything above 35 cycles/amplification results in finding dead nucleotide. I would highly recommend readers to check out this link: https://cormandrostenreview.com/report/. Click on the Main Review Report link and read it carefully. It will give some insight to the flaws of the RT-PCR test used for coronavirus testing.
    Jesus Christ is the only one I will ever trust for anything. He saved me and I owe…

  11. Lisa

    When I see people driving alone in their cars wearing masks..I know that it’s true. How do you convince people like that that they are being lied to?

  12. T. I. Miller

    Speaking of science, real science, two very accredited research teams have determined that the virus cannot be spread by people with no symptoms. This is true for the a-symptomatic infected people. Only very high quality masks can arrest virus spread. The free handout masks only give a false sense of safety.
    The mask hysteria has created a hybrid army of fascist pharisees.
    It has enabled elected leaders to go insane with power trips. Notice attacks on Jews and Christians but not against muslims.

  13. Elizabeth Bennett

    I fear that these lockdowns will never be unlocked; there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel here in CA. No matter how much damage these lockdowns do, our Gov. and LA mayor just double down on their repression of our liberties. They really do not care about the welfare of their citizens. They enjoy exercising control over the masses. I believe there never should have been a lockdown for what is basically a flu epidemic; most people recover. This is a political move toward a totalitarian state. I will not take the vaccine; many people around the world say the same. A virus mutates. I finally found out what a covid patient can do at home to recover. A recovered covid patient asked her nurse in the hospital and the nurse told her, and a friend is sending this info to others. Why were we not told by doctors how to recover at home? I thank the America’s Frontline Doctors for trying to inform us on the truth about Covid.

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