1. Rick Deacon

    When I first started wanting to read the word at around 30 yrs. old, I was given a copy of the Living Bible because I couldn’t stand reading the KJV. I remember tossing it into the corner in frustration. I thought who talks like that and sometimes the sentences seemed to go around in circles. I started reading the LBV morning and night, I loved it. I remember one night I was reading it and I all of a sudden i realized to my amazement, that the fear and anxiety inside of me, that I had most of my life was gone! Praise God! I thanked God right then and there for the LBV. I now read the KJV and others, but I still look at the LBV and other versions to help me get a better understanding. Whether it is a bad version or not, God used it to help me get started! Praise God!

  2. Jack Morrow

    Contextualization today leads to capitulation tomorrow. Those who were promoting contextualization 15-20 years ago were among those endorsing the “Christian” response to “A Common Word” and promoting Chrislam a few years later.

  3. Karen Lenerville

    If we allow this and adhere to this “contextual theology” then we have to accept the teachings of Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventists, etc. Many teach that they have new ideas for today. They were “inspired” with new teachings. It is conditioning many to eventually accept what we know to be sin, but is now culturally considered “normal/natural.” You cannot be deceived if you read the word of God. I appreciate sites like Lighthhouse , because they are up on all the evil that tries to infiltrate the Church and most especially, the Christian mind and heart.

  4. David

    In other words, we are either going to adjust ourselves to fit the Truth, or we will adjust the Truth to fit ourselves — or our culture. The latter is one definition of heresy.

  5. Anna Rosa

    Continued… A few years back I had found what I thought was a good small church. (Some things were discovered later and changed and that’s another story.) I put an ad up on a neighborhood internet posting site (Nextdoor), an invitation to celebrate Easter at church and it was a nice way to post the Gospel message as well, which I did. Of all people to respond, none of the hundreds of atheists around here (who did gripe about my stuff at times in replies), but of all it was a ‘Christian’ lady, who of course was going to an emergent church, whining about how people already know it’s Easter, and that we ‘need to be building relationships’ first, and be ‘loving,’ etc. etc. So I replied and told her that no, we don’t need to be building relationships first in order to share the gospel. Jesus said to share it with ‘every creature’ in the Great Commission, and obviously we don’t have time to build a relationship with ‘every creature’ first. We had a civil discussion for a while, I shared Bible verses and she was just brainwashed to the point of being drowned in deception. I continued sharing the gospel on that platform, needless to say. But it just goes to show how well the devil has ‘God’s’ servants doing his work for him!

  6. Anna Rosa

    Yes, that sort of thing is just another trick of the enemy. The apostles needed to do and know absolutely nothing in order to preach the gospel as missionaries, except for the language! We see example after example of that in the Bible. All that is necessary is the conveying of concepts, such as that all have sinned and need to repent, be redeemed, etc. The message applies to all regardless anyway. I’m not saying it doesn’t help to know some stuff at times or that we can’t use it to the advantage, but it is not necessary. All that is needed is the conviction of the Holy Spirit. It is just another trick to get people to ‘cross the bridge,’ plain and simple.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am so tired of the emergents and their big, contrived words that they think will impress congregations. They sound like lawyers. With its emphasis only on the N.T. and discarding of the O.T., the natural results will be replacement theology with a disdain for Israel and the Jewish people and God’s promises to them. God’s Word never changes, it is eternal. God keeps His promises. Anyone who tampers with scripture will have to endure the punishment in Revelation 22:19. We must pray fervently for the humility and repentance of all Christian leaders. We must come to Jesus in humility and simplicity, like a small child.

  8. Jen

    An excellent article that made me physically uneasy. The new ways the enemy is using to infiltrate the church is the oldest of his ways. The crafty serpent attracting Eve to the forbidden fruit…’’did God really say…?’ It is the red herring fallacy to change the topic or to get one’s focus off of the truth of sin, repentance and redemption. Local pastor just wrote a book and preached in successive Sundays and traveled to many other churches highlighting race relationships. To simplify the message forge a relationship with someone who doesn’t look like you. Show grace and honor to everyone because we’re all made in His image. That is fine and dandy, of course we show grace to everyone but seeking to understand another’s culture doesn’t heal the land or people’s hearts. Just pay attention to the current political climate. No where is it highlighted in the Bible that Jesus sought someone out because of the color of their skin or race etc. Simple preaching of The Word becomes secondary with a few one line verses thrown into a sermon to make one’s point. If the congregation was trained as the Berean’s to search scripture in context then there would challenges to the message.

  9. Victor

    Contextualization started with the use of “dynamic equivalents” being touted as “translations, which they are not. These “versions” as they should be called are developed by a method called “thought for thought translation”, thus the term dynamic equivalent. The NIV, Living Bible etc. have abandoned the tradition of accepting the “verbal plenary inspiration” of God’s Word, a tradition that says each and every word is inspired, in the order they were given, not just the over-arching ideas found within. Once someone heads down the dynamic equivalent road they have abandoned God’s Word. Accounts in God’s Word are not “bible stories” open to paraphrasing, they are GOD’S OWN ACCOUNT of what transpired. I hate it when a preacher/teacher starts with “the story of…” they are not stories!

  10. Jeffry

    Contextual Theology and the”emerging church” are false teaching not found in Gods Holy Word. It is man made. Again, The Lord Jesus did not come into the world to change society, governments, culture, or struggles for equality. He came into the world to seek and to save sinners that were lost. For ALL have sinned. ALL of us. Color of skin matters not. Rich or poor matters not. Free or slave matters not. Salvation is about your soul and where you spend eternity. Thank you Lighthouse for fighting the only battle that matters. Were will we spend eternity? The Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God holds all truth. Trust Him today.

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