1. Shelia A Lowery

    Amen! God bless. We must all fight the “good” fight for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. Goel

    According to CRT, I’m an “oppressed” and an “oppressor” both at the same time. Why? I am a dark-skinned Indian man who loves Lord Jesus Christ for saving his life. Do you see both of those description in that previous statement? I am oppressed by skin color but an oppressor by belief. According to CRT, Christians are considered “oppressors” and I consider myself as a believer in Lord Jesus Christ.
    Based on my reading of the Bible, nowhere is it mentioned we, the body of Christ, are different races. We are ALL descendants of Adam and Eve making us ALL one who are all accountable to Almighty GOD. Dr. Voddie Baucham has a great short clip on race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRhZKBkh-Mw
    In the Spring 2020 journal, he, Dr. Baucham, gave a great piece on how there is no race because of what Jesus Christ did at the Cross using Ephesians 2. Great booklet and journal articles to read.
    It should be noted that the goal for BLM is to burn down the entire US and bring back to life under Marxism (order out of chaos, anyone?). Cullors now has her own show on NBC called Resist. Can you imagine your child having her as a professor at UCLA? It’s amazing how Satan can use intellectuals to promote his evil while blinding their eyes to truth. Sad.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    God does not judge us on the basis of the color of our skin but on our character and actions. No man is responsible for the sins of his family; we each are responsible for our own sins. If we do sin, we repent and confess our sins to God alone and we shall be forgiven in Jesus’ Name. I pray all believers will reject CRT and BLM.

  4. charley

    acts 17-26 and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and hath determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation. race is evolutionary used by darwin, hoxley, haeckel and other 19th century evolutinists to rationalize white racisim. the great apostasy is here

  5. JDV

    The constant drumbeat for young and old to just “talk“ about certain issues presumes that conversations on a legitimate basis will occur as opposed to politicized, agenda-driven opportunism. Here is a case where Christianity is included in their supposed crimes of “whiteness“:


    Going along with the information in the LTR pamphlet on this subject Is the history of such divide and conquer movements that start out with conversations about justice yet may happen to fulfill partisan agendas:


    “Note the reference to the Komsomol using impressive “long words.” Today our miseducated youth are easily impressed by new terms such as “systemic racism,” “intersectionality,” and “white fragility.” Finally, the wokesters identify and condemn those marked as oppressors — doxing and canceling them by name — in a written list of names posted in the village. Today such work is helped along by media and Big Tech.

    “The whole idea is to sow chaos where there was peace — or, at least progress. It is to disrupt and destroy any sense of community a person may have. Figes continued: “These divisions were entirely generated by the Komsomol. The villagers had no previous conception of themselves in terms of social class. They had always thought of themselves as one ‘peasant family…

  6. CW

    I know this is (sadly) true because I saw an article at Christian Post today saying this very thing, quoting an SBC leader. I didn’t read the article because I didn’t want to hear any more depressing news. 🙁

  7. Jeffry

    Sadly, Satan is laughing. Systematic Racism: mans opinion, no scripture for it, we apologize to who? Cultural Context? Never get past being a racist? Would it be like the Apostle Paul apologizing to the Jewish Leaders for preaching the gospel to the Gentiles when he was born a Jew but is now a Born-Again Christian? Please Southern Baptists, preach the Gospel and stop trying to add to the Bible and confusing all of us. ( Romans 8:1) There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

  8. Andrew Metz

    ‘If any man be in Christ He is a NEW CREATION. Old things are passed away; behold, ALL THINGS become new.” CRT and BLM , Social Justice and the Marxist-inspired race-based ideology has NOTHING to do with Christ’s NEW CREATION thru His Cross, or the Gospel, where, in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, black or white, rich or poor. But Christ is all, and in all. CRT and its twin, BLM are Marxist-inspired tools to destroy both America and the Christian Faith, creating hatred and division based on race and culture.

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