1. Jeffry

    A Multi-Blocked area of Seattle Washington has been taken over by a Warlord named Raz from Chaz or Chop. Police are not allowed to enter this part of Seattle. Raz has a arsenal of weapons. He owns millions of properties. Luxury cars and he hates America. He is supported by Islamic Government of Dubai. He has Islamic connections. A street preacher of the Gospel was beaten and raped by thugs in this blocked off area of Seattle. Is this the land of the free?? How long will Seattle’s mayor or Governor allow this to continue? Warlord Raz is also anti-white. We surely live in the last days. Pray for our country. Marxists or Communists and Satanists have been hard at work. Coronavirus? Lockdown? Churches closed? Riots? Democratic Party? Our Lord is truly long suffering and patience. Even so Come Lord Jesus.

  2. Crystal Johnson

    Excellent book Elizabeth…..same things have happened here in the UK too….but deeply interesting book. God bless. x

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Mayor DeBlasio has just welded-shut a park that Jewish families visit in N.Y. However, he gave multiple Ramadan meals to the Muslims there. He is plainly anti-semitic. Earlier in the spring this mayor threatened Jews with arrest and more restrictions when they attended the funeral of a beloved rabbi.

  4. CW

    Thanks to Elizabeth Bennett, I just put the book Dark Agenda on hold at my local public library (we can do that online and pick up books by appointment).

    Here’s another book recommendation, which details the rise of the current situation from the 1960s on:

    The Race Card : White guilt, Black resentment, and the assault on truth and justice, by Peter Collier (David Horiwitz, added author)

  5. CW

    Thank you for posting that title — I had made a note of it, but misplaced it. As I understand it, that book details the Obama administration’s hostility against those who believe and espouse the Judeo-Christian ethic in America. And that did not end with his administration — Hillary has made it very clear that she harbors the same hostility, as do those who have joined the socialist camp.

  6. Erik B

    Jesus is the answer
    “The fact is, there are racists within all races of people”
    There is only 1 Race, the Human Race, not races, this is one of the problems – the influence in a belief in evolution plays out in human life, it is an ungodly influence
    One Race, One Blood
    Different Shades, Melanin, but just One Race.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    David Horowitz, a Jew has written a book called Dark Agenda, which I have just ordered. It reveals names of those in America who are trying to destroy and eradicate every vestige of the Judeo-Christian life in America.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    Systemic racism in the American police force is a lie propagated by leftists groups. Records show that more whites have been shot by the police than blacks for self-defense purposes during police stops that turn violent. Most officers do not see color but behavior. They are there to protect innocent lives. Black grandmothers taking care of their grandchildren feel happier and safe when they see police patrolling their streets at night. If entire police forces are fired from cities then there will be horrific rises in every kind of crime. This is the way it will be during the Tribulation, when chaos and crime will reign inspired by satan. In Seattle the head of the police force said a few days ago that there have been rises in rapes and other crimes during these riots. The Wuhan virus created and manipulated in a bio weapons lab and purposely sent around the world, our illegal lockdowns to the destructive riots and vandalism that have ensued following the death of George Floyd are being used as excuses by the left to take over America and destroy our American republic. Evil forces have funded the horrors we have gone through this yr. It is political, but the solution is spiritual. America needs to repent and return to the God of our Bible and Jesus Christ, our Foundation. Most Americans are not racist. Never before have our churches been forced to shut down and even now there are huge restrictions in Dem-led states.

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