1. Elizabeth Alcala-Bennett

    Covid and the vaccines are an attempt to depopulate the planet. Many have been harmed or killed soon after taking the shot, especially young men. Our military has been sorely hit by the mandates and the effects of the shots, plus few Americans want to join right now due to woke policies. America has reached a low point in our history, especially spiritually. I live in CA where Gavin Newsom says parents have no rights concerning their children’s gender. Satan is alive and well, seeking whom he may devour.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Ivermectin saved my pastor’s life; he was at the point of death. In CA doctors are not allowed to prescribe these early therapeutics, so I had to get my hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from Mexico. Big pharma is making millions with the vaccines; they do not care when people die because of liberal, ungodly policies. Also, if you are vaccinated government can track and trace you.
    As the Bible says, in the last days God will gather the Jews from every corner of the world back to Israel. Many Ukrainian Jews are being flown to Israel as we speak. Those countries that hate Israel and the Jews will be punished by God Himself; they will not prosper.

  3. Kevin

    Excellent article and teaching, thank you very much for posting it and the link. I’ve shared it with family.

  4. John Willcox

    There is so much information on masks, the vaccine, its dangers. Many medical doctors who who the truth are speaking out and being fired from the jobs, having their licenses threatened to be revoked, and censored from getting truth out. This article is can excellent primer on all that is going on behind the scenes so that the masses believe the majority opinion, but in reality, censorship and Communist takeover, a plandemic or scamdemic, biowarfare. It is really a battle between good and evil. No church leader should ever encourage believers to take a vaccine if they really knew the truth of what is going on.


  5. Sharon

    One of the most comprehensive biblical perspectives on current events that I have seen. Very informative and encouraging. Thank you Tony Pearce and Lighthouse Trails.

  6. Doug

    In the meantime while waiting for a vaccine please check out Dr. Kory’s plea before the Senate to seek approval for Ivermectin! It has proven to be extremely beneficial for treatment of the virus at several stages. Some doctors will prescribe this highly safe medicine that has been used for some forty years.

    In addition to Ivermectin to beat the virus check the providone iodine based 0.5% mouth wash (and gargle) that dentists and other doctors are using to kill the virus. It works!

  7. Jeffry

    Wonderful Truth. Let not your Heart be troubled. Don’t panic and give up. When these things happen Look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near. Put on the Shield of Faith where with we will be able to quench all fiery darts of the Evil One. Remember even Demons believe and Tremble. You are of God little Children and have overcome them. Because He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world. The Rapture is near. All unsaved people Trust God’s Holy word today. Pray for each other Dear Christians. Our Redemption is near. Even So, Come Lord Jesus!!!

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    Thank you, Lighthouse for these wonderful words from Tony Pearce. We really needed this at this time.

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