1. Noreen

    Thanks for this very important information!
    I am emailing it to as many people I can. It grieves me to see Lectio Divina in a local church here but it does not surprise me. I’m so thankful we have a pastor who’s on top of this and preaching and warning his flock. If only the sheep would listen!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    It sounds like Michael Heiser is a Replacement theologist. Very troubling. There will be a remnant of Jewish believers in the end times, after the tribulation. God keeps His promises to Jew and Gentile believers. There are a growing number of Jewish believers around the world right now. I belong to a Messianic Jewish congregation. Believing Jews and Gentiles are one in Jesus Christ, our Messiah but the promises to the Jews about the land, the people (seed) and the nation are unconditional.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    There was a missionary candidate to India at our church last night. There was a miniature wooden labyrinth with 3 metal balls inside on his display table. Maybe this is part of their Hindu rituals?

  4. kat

    This sums it all up as to what’s going on right now ! Deception, deception, deception ! And people are believing all this because many Pastors are teaching all these things, and people are following their Pastors ( man ) instead of God’s Word and God. That’s the very reason my husband and I can’t find a church that isn’t implementing these things. Thanks again, Lighthouse Trails for this article, God Bless and Maranatha !

  5. John J

    This is serious stuff, so don’t think I’m being flippant about it; however, reading through the terms took me on a “virtual” trip through Toronto . . . I could almost smell it.
    Channeling? I tried it once and got stuck. It took a rescue team about two days to get me out. Apparently, my pedals were too long.

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