1. Pamela

    I agree with Dave. LT does not want to believe what Dallas Jenkins says about his show, because it would destroy their narrative. LT has been bad mouthing The Chosen in its last six newsletters. Time to give it a rest. The series is not going away any time soon.

  2. Janet Brown

    I think it’s very, very difficult to see Truth when there is so much money, time, and people invested in this. It’s simply entertainment for the main purpose of making money, but sadly a weak, deceiving presentation of God’s precious Word. No matter how long one is a Christian, we are all vulnerable to deception, and when it comes to books and movies about Jesus, we must be very diligent.

  3. Dave

    I am trying to understand the point being made by the Chosen series. To be honest, most of what is said is not directly related to the series we watch on tv. Most of your comments have to do with Mormon theology and the differences between it and Christianity – in which I agree. But, I find that much of the criticism is directed towards issues that are not presented in the actual viewing of the series.

  4. Angeline Johannes

    Oh yes! Mormon producers went to the “build-a-god ” workshop and created a god (in their own image and likeness) and named him (guess what?) Jesus. Not the Jesus of the Bible! Thank you for exposing this Trojan Horse.

  5. T. I. Miller

    In the 60s living in a town of 30% LDS they boldly boasted that they were not Christians. They maintained that everyone except them were utterly apostate.
    Oh the convenience of a living Apostle to get new improved Revelation.

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