1. bev p

    The most telling thing in the article (and the most frightening) was that 13.5% of children can tell the difference between facts and opinions on the reading tests. No wonder we have college students having meltdowns when confronted with actual facts! Anyone still wondering if it’s deliberate?

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Some states opted out of using Common Core. I live in CA, so of course Common Core is being used here where I live. It also pushes a Muslim agenda. There is constant testing, using the modern math that did not work in the 60’s and the reading classics are not being used. C C is also dumbing down students with no accurate or detailed American history presented.Publishers, not American history experts are writing the history books, with many errors. Very sad situation. Handwriting is no longer taught, so students are not able to read cursive writing. Their handwriting looks like chicken scratch because so much is done on computers. My church has a good Christian school K-12 that is conservative and still teaches biblical values and correct American history. The liberal schools and colleges are turning out ignorant citizens who do not love or appreciate America. I am a retired public school teacher.

  3. Linn

    Common Core Curriculum has been a total fail academically from the beginning! Even liberal teachers were against it, but were silenced by Obama with the threat of being fired if any teacher spoke out against it. I home schooled my children and have never regretted doing so! I got to teach them about the Lord Jesus Christ and we talked about everything that was going on in our society and what God’s Word had to say about it. I’m so thankful that I had that privilege! They have thanked me repeatedly for homeschooling them.

  4. Luke

    It’s because Common Core is not focused on education, but indoctrination. It’s all about the communist agenda. It’s rooted in control, and the devil is the leader of it.

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