1. Rosalind Perez

    My friend just moved to Arizona and needs to know about a bible study she was invited to in her neighbor & they told her they listen to a video who’s pastor allows homosexual on their staff. The church is called Sandals Church in Southern California. Can you please send me anything that will be helpful in this matter. Also if you know of any good churches in Mesa, Arizona. Thank you so much & keep on doing what you all do to help us not to get deceived.

    God blessings & protection be upon you all,

    Rosalind Perez

  2. NickKingJamesBaptist97

    Amen to that! Praise God I think I should stop watching many of the movies and tv I have watched although I will still stick to Walker Texas Ranger because Chuck Norris is an incredibly devoted Christian man that is against the emergent church movement and upholds Biblical Christian principles the man gives everything he does to God, and the thing is there are very few true Christian men in Hollywood that stay true to those principles and Norris is one of the only one’s that does. Not only that he teaches self-defense to children to fight back against bullying and stand up for themselves which many children are too scared to do as the government has made it wrong to fight back against and instead allow them to continue to harass them as according to the government in the schools that is physical abuse against the bully, but the school has become too much of a politically correct place and no one should be allowed to fight back or stand up for themselves no wonder there are so many child suicides these days by allowing the bully to continue what they are doing instead of having the child defend or stand up against them ending the physical harassment once and for all.

  3. NickKingJamesBaptist97

    Wow that’s horrible I am glad my church is nothing like that my KJV Baptist Church that is upholding many of the Christian principles on the article here while also avoiding many of the ecumenical or unbiblical principles promoted by postmodernism and it’s emergent church ideas. I hope you found a way better church that upholds many of the Biblical principles that this article and Scripture talks about. I cannot believe that your church used to be so Spirit filled and then it started adding in many of the false New Age spirituality promoted by the emerging church these ideas are destroying once true evangelical churches and turning them into deadly non-Christian churches with a focus on spirits and mysticism, which is exactly what Satan wants. I had a pastor friend in Lubbock whom told me that he knew another KJV Baptist Church pastor that believed that it’s okay to take the mark of the beast that is so backwards what is happening to some of our churches? Boy am I glad that there are great Christian churches that still uphold the gospel and many of its Christian principles today as many churches have been infected by this dangerous movement I am glad you left that was the right thing to do if a church is not teaching true Biblical principles and showing Scripture is true as well Jesus being the only way to heaven then there’s a problem.

  4. I was distressed to see Mary mention the movie “Titanic,” which is totally demonic—exposing nudity, fornication, profanity, etc. Plus, Christians are to dwell on “those things that are true,” not scenarios crafted by the minds of sinful man and it is sinful mankind who rules Hollywood and its productions which hold to immodesty and unchaste behavior.

    Christians are to not deliberately set evil before their eyes. They are to be about pure innocence and moral decency.

    One might say the production is based on a true story; well, the romance holds no truth in history and there were many happily married couples with children the producers could have focused upon. Though, of course, why would Hollywood, a type of Babylon, want to do this? Thank you for listening. (1 Thessalonians 5:22: Abstain from every form of evil.)

  5. Ed

    When the gospel has been changed from “repent of your sin and turn to God for forgiveness in Christ” to “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” we will find th church filled with those who are actually false converts. This will have its awful effect as the Scriptures are gradually abandoned in favor of things that make you feel good. We were warned in the Scripture, and voices of the faithful still speak. But so much seems irredeemably lost. Jesus wondered, “when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” Oh how I hope He does, but I fear those with true faith will be few and far between by then.

  6. Priyanthi

    Thank you. Several discern it is wrong. It is helpful to clearly identify what the errors are in the so called churches. It is extremely sad.

  7. Maria Geronimo

    I absolutely agree with this commentary.
    I was cursed with words of an elder of the church when I questions the teaching that replaced what’s really written in the bible.

  8. Mary

    It is so timely for this to come up. I feel the need to share this. There is a Calvary Chapel that I have been attending on and off over the last decade in the South San Diego area. I had heard of how it used to be very Spirit filled back a few decades when they met at another location. They had two buildings since that location. In 2006 Roger Oakland spoke there to warn of all these things. When I started going the apostasy was not real deep there but hints of little things. I have warned them of what is going on just like I have all sorts of other places. Well over the years I saw things getting worse and worse, just moving in an Emergent direction. I left but would drop in to see how it was and each time it was a marked difference (sort of reminding me of a scene in the Titanic when the lady kept going back down with the key to rescue the young man and the water was deeper each time) and the vibe was just different. Then they began using the books by Beth Moore (contemplative, ecumenism with Rome, etc.). I was already out. I would randomly check the website to see if they were having another trip to an orphanage. Well they got a new pastor recently. Already before that there were photos on their facebook page and the ‘stage’ has been totally transformed with the colorful glowing lights that you see in all the emergent apostate churches, the whole rock concert scene has taken over. Scrolling along you see all the wrong quotes and such, and now they even had a ‘halloween’ party, they are not even hiding it anymore with another name, and there was some statement about this being used as an ‘outreach’! Yeah, an outreach from hell into the church to take souls hostage! The whole thing was so bad and that place has fallen so far in such a short time. And they were warned by many people and like so many others, they still don’t heed the warnings. And now it’s like, “the Holy Spirit has left the building.” (Like in Ezekiel and the Temple). I just went and cried and cried over it all. I was just thinking about this whole timeline last night and today I saw this, so I thought I’d share it for what it’s worth.

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