1. CW

    Thank You for posting this; it is so refreshing. I will pray for him and his church. God Bless Them All!

  2. CW

    You can’t fight fire with fire, and

    You also can’t fight crime with crime!

    Anyone who condemns one criminal but then commits crimes himself in the process of condemning the other criminal is —


  3. Jeffry

    For the past several years Pastor Cory Brooks has been working to help young people to leave gangs on the south side of Chicago. He has also built a church of over 600 people that come to worship on Sunday. Black on Black murders leads our country in deaths in Chicago. Pastor Brooks has done a great job to give people hope for the future. Sadly, the death of George Floyd Brought Riots looting and destruction to Chicago that has setback all the work Pastor Brooks has done. Liberal Politicians , like many other cities in America, Canada and Europe have allowed these rioters to destroy property and stores and peoples lives. Pray for Pastor Cory Brooks and his church members during this difficult time. Morale is sadly low for them. Pray the Lord will give them the strength to keep on keeping on.

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