1. Claire

    I’ve taught in public schools for 40 yrs, 6th gr to college freshmen. I stand against all the aggregate amoral practices and ideas being taught in schools today. That being said, I see no way to keep children safe from this filth unless one homeschools, or sends them to charters or to private religious schools. The drumbeat of pedophilia is now being added. Pictures of adult/child sex , plus homosexual sex, plus any other sexual practices are in their classroom curriculum and in bks in the library. The perverts keep trying to multiply their presence. They are devious and devilish. I have helped fight this at the state level, and it just keeps growing. I fear preachers, legislators, teachers, etc. won’t stand against legalizing pedophilia. Look at the SC justice our so called leaders just picked who has given numerous pedophiles reduced sentences and cannot even describe what a women is. I pray every day about this, but I see little improvement. End times, here we come.

  2. Lisa

    I don’t really see the bill as a victory…it’s pretty sad when you can only keep some children safe and others not so much. Are they even working on a bill for 4th grade and above or are they just happy with what they’ve got?

    Evil is truly becoming good in this clown world. And is this just the beginning for pedophilia normalization? I’ve often read that they want to add it to their perverted alphabet.

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