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  1. Elizabeth Alcala-Bennett

    When I visited Israel there was a huge sign at the entrance of Bethlehem saying, NO JEWS ALLOWED. Bethlehem is under Arab control. We could not visit Rachel’s Tomb, for the same reason. Abbas does not want peace, he only wants Jews gone. A young IDF soldier, a woman was killed yesterday by an Arab terrorist. Israel wants peace, but some of her neighbors do not. The survival of Israel surrounded by enemies is a miracle of God. Golda Meir said, There will be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us. The Lord has an everlasting covenant with Israel that will never be broken; the Remnant in Israel will accept their Messiah Jesus. In 1948 all Jews and Arabs in Israel were given equal rights under the law. There is no apartheid in Israel. If you visit or live there you will see this is true.

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