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  1. Karen

    I have been reading from you site for over a decade. Research, read, ask questions and know your Bible. YOu have done excellent work through the years. This article, “Dress Rehearsal for a False Revival,” which is shrouded in not the True Gospel. I believe also what these people are subtley doing as you have stated is:advancing one-world faith. People do not see or care to see that this one-world faith is leaving Jesus Christ in the dirt. My sister had sent me a recent article on Nick Hall, from citypages, article, “Millennial Evangelist,” by Nathan Roberts. Nathan tries not to write who Nick really represents, but the article has red flags all over it. To know Jesus Christ we need to know His Word and not the watered-down versions that are every where. God Bless all of you for your continued work for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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