1. Joanne

    Thank you all for your comments which I agree 100%. Close friend Judy smentkiewicz was in the same situation dec 2020. Ivermectn saved her life. Nwo globalists planned this and the great reset is happening. We all know it’s the tribulation and Jesus will be returning soon. Maranatha everyone. God we need You please help us
    john 3;16

  2. T. I. Miller

    One of the devils atheist servants, Voltaire said it best.
    ” If you can convince people to accept nonsense you can convince them to commit atrocities “.
    Best illustrated by SCOTUS declareing abortion Constitutional
    Convincing the world to believe the Covid propaganda while lying about therapeutics that work quickly and effectively. The Medical community is committing crimes against humanity on a mass scale. Even seeing Japan quickly lowering the death rate by dropping vaccines and using Ivermectin cant shake their blind faith.
    Civil rights violations are exploding in the name of Covid science.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Parents lost a daughter because the hospital gave her contraindicated, conflicting drugs and put her on a ventilator, contrary to the parents’ wishes. The last drug the hospital gave the daughter was morphine, even though she had been getting better. Family is heartbroken. It turns out the hospitals get thousands of dollars if the patient dies of covid and on a ventilator. The greed and callousness of some in medicine is evident. Criminals are running the show.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Our church and Christian school secretary got the Covid; she was given the monoclonol IV treatment and is now better. Remember, Trump instituted the Right to Try executive order, we have the right to try any new drugs that could save our lives even if the doctors and hospital refuse to give us those therapeutics.

  5. T. I. Miller

    every jab is like playing Russian roulette short term and even worse long term.
    Caught covid self medicated with HCQ and Ivermectin. Began improving in less than a day. Getting access to effective therapeutics was the obstacle. This has an even more sinister subplot. National shut downs including churches. National hysteria is how Hitler got power and persuaded the people to think they were doing it for a greater good.

  6. anne

    I personally know of 2 people in our area who are friends who were ready to die. One of the mothers I will call a hero went on-line to buy ivermectin for her son and it saved his life! He is in his 40’s he says he still after months has trouble breathing, he said he was ready to die if it had not been for his mother. He could have been helped sooner but it is not allowed. Family members in Oregon are going online for ivermectin to save their family members. The other friend a neighbor also almost died and also got ivermectin just in time from a family member, his brother-in-law did die because of a previous flu vaccine his lungs were damaged. What is happening is very evil. The hospitals and our is Seventh Day Adventist have bought the lie’s. They no longer truly help patients but kill them instead. Who would have thought this would happen in our day? People are being refused treatment for not having the gene therapy, which is poison as far as I am concerned, this too is murder. It reminds me of ..”And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, and suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse…” Mark 5:25-26.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or monoclonol treatments will save lives, but most hospitals and doctors will not let you have them due to the left’s push against early treatment. Big pharma wants only their products sold, they do not care about saving lives. This is the leftist agenda, which is cruel. As Dr. Zelenko has said, the vaccines are the poison death shot. Praise the Lord that this daughter fought in court to save her father’s life; thanks also to the one righteous judge and doctor.

  8. chuck

    it works the big drug companies are making millions of dollars and people are dying with the jab. pslam 9-17
    the majority of the population are in fear because
    are are taken over a strong delusion where they will believe a lie.proclaim the gospel folks jesus saves
    time is running out.repent america

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