1. shosh

    asking the G-d of Israel bashem Yeshua to protect us from lies and deception…that sin would rule over us and no offense live in us, that our love for Yeshua would be made perfect even in this flesh….that we would walk with Ruach ha Kodesh in perfect agreement even as a single heartbeat….please G-d of Israel guard and shield us from deception and lies that we will be quick to hear and quick to turn….You alone have the power to stop us from consuming lies like choice meals, make this food rancid in appearance and aroma and give us the power to speak the truth even as Your Son did when He confronted the father of lies. In Yeshua’s all powerful name, the Darling of Heaven and our great Redeemer forever, amein

  2. Cal Teichmann

    This is excellent, we all who truly follow after the One True Christ, will suffer rejection. Billy Graham and his BGEA has been a Masonic/ Catholic tool to bring about a false Gospel, and a False Christ. Thank you for standing for the truth. We can now see what you wrote concerning who will be in the White House after the 2016 elections has come true. The One World Church and all those false Christian leaders who have supported this agenda, is in place.

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