1. Frustrated reader

    Even if this were an accurate description of the view of the Bible that Tim Mackie is presenting (which it is not) is this reason enough to block someone out? To make them into someone who is dangerous and to be unfollowed? I think the family that God has created has meant to stick together just a tiny bit more than that. We are of course understanding things differently and the beauty of it is that I teach you and you teach me and if we all stay humbly seeking the Lord we are moving to understanding things more fully. There is such nuance and complex cultural and scholarly things at play in the Bible and if anyone over simplified things it was the American church. The Bible Project is presenting intricate themes in beautiful videos that help readers of the Bible to have a fuller view of what the authors were communicating. They are bring a perspective that is valuable. Even if you disagree with something that you think they are saying being humble enough to keep listening and seeking understanding is a New creation way of being a human.

  2. Melissa

    I have been exposed to clips from Catherine Bible Project thru a women’s Bible study I engage with. The first thing that struck me about it and caused me to immediately reject it is the simple fact of its infantile , overly simplistic presentation. To me it seems to assume, like so much current “Christian” teaching, books, devotionala, Bible translations…, that the everyday Christian is barely literate! What an insult to God’s Word and to God’s people. Much of the current readings are so watered/dumbed down they are not even intelligible. Such a disgrace.

  3. Jeff

    If your article is true I have unsubscribed from bible project. It’s sad that you don’t know who to trust anymore.

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