1. Jeffry

    Excellent Article and comments. The medical industry own the mainstream media and medical schools all over the world. The medical industry target dissenters and ruin carriers of Medical Professionals who speak out about this COVID-19 vaccine? Is it a vaccine or Bio-Weapon? This COVID-19 “vaccine” made by Modern-a is genetically changing humans from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0 which means “Trans-humanism”? Is this not a depopulation of mankind? Is their a difference between this COVID Hoax and Satanism/Communism? None

  2. Shelia A Lowery

    For the real validated truth on the Covid injection (it is NOT a vaccine) please go to drtenpenny,.com and learn the real TRUTH about these “genetic modifying shots” it is frightening to learn AND you NEED to be frightened into NOT getting these genetic DNA changing bio-weapons. This is the biggest deception in our world. Dr. Tenpenny is a born again Christian and researcher for over 20 yrs. on what our gov. is doing to us.

  3. Linda

    It is happening everywhere. On youtube many many videos have been taken down and people eventually banned altogether from ever using youtube again.

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