1. zoe

    Please seek the truth. It could save your life or that of your loved ones. Critical Care Physician from the FLCCC Alliance, and advocate of Ivermectin, Dr Paul Marik: “The Data Safety Monitoring Board of that [Ebola] study terminated the study of Remdesivir, because it was so toxic it increased the risks of deaths, and renal failure by 20%. Yet in January 2021, the NIH and the Act 1 Study enrolled patients in a study looking at Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19.” https://covid19criticalcare.com

  2. zoe

    Please watch this 13-minute documentary about Ivermectin: It begins with the mainstream media claiming it is a dangerous drug – then follows with the truth.


    Ivermectin has been used for 35 years and over 4 billion doses have been prescribed. It is one of the safest drugs there has ever been. In 2015 it even won a Nobel Prize. It is also the best drug to fight Covid.

    A Christian family GP in Melbourne, Dr Mark Hobart, lost his license in 2021 for giving it to his patients. The truth is really important to God – and to us – (Rom 1:18).

  3. Dajoc

    In New Zealand, many people ordered ivermectin (and paid for) from overseas. This was confiscated at the border by customs, unless one could provide a doctor’s prescription. If doctors did prescribe it they were in danger of losing their licences and jobs.
    However we have found that taking vitamins C,D, and Zinc has boosted our immunity immensely.
    Also thank you, LTR, for your part in helping us to stay focused on The Word, and the Truth, the important things!!

  4. Liz Searcy

    I completely agree 100% with the comment from CW listed above. Ivermectin is a gift to those who are sick and has brought healing from Covid to many people. My own doctor will prescribe Ivermectin for Covid. In addition, thousands of ‘front-line doctors’ prescribe it and stand by it’s healing properties. I know people who, when entering a hospital with Covid were given only Remdesivir (Ivermectin refused to be given by staff) and passed away. Don’t believe the lies the media purports and people who speak against Ivermectin. I heard from a reliable source that many nurses say this: “Remdesivir-death is near.”

  5. CW

    The thing about Ivermectin is that the gov/cdc/fauci put out such false information about it, scaring people. They kept saying that it is for animals (implying “only” for animals) instead of telling the truth, that there is a version for animals AND a completely different ones for human beings.

    Our extremely-educated (advanced degrees in Epidemiology) prescribes Ivermectin and also Hydroxychloriquin (sp?) for covid. I had a very bad case of it, and his advice and proper medicine brought me right thought it. He has helped people all over our state, and people from all across the country have flown here just to see him!

    Nurse friends of ours have warned us about allowing anyone to give us Remdesivir, but if one goes into a local hospital, that’s ALL they will give you.

    Yes, this is a secular subject, but this is very important to know! THANK YOU, LT, for your wonderful ministry. GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. Cat owner

    Our cat received a diagnosis of “Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP),” a condition that, up until recently, was a certain death sentence for cats. However, we were made aware of the drug “Remdesivir” thanks to our wonderful veterinarian.

    With an 8% weight loss, a bloated kidney, fluid on the lungs, and an eye that changed from brilliant blue to grey, our little friend was on death’s door step. But three days after taking the medication, he is out catching flies and is almost back to his usual weight, with both of his vivid blue eyes almost fully intact.

    All this to say, it is astounding how the powerful repress treatments in order to keep society chained to an untrue reality (both medically and religiously).

    Check this out: https://lbpost.com/news/cat-owners-have-to-get-creative-to-access-this-apparently-effective-treatment-for-a-deadly-feline-disease/

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