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  1. Rachel Carranza

    I am shocked to hear all this. 50 years and 1,700 churches says alot like “truth” why the son-in-law has changed what is being taught? Why didn’t he go on his own when Pastor Chuck was alive? Because he knew he would be meet with the truth. He is leading people away from the soild teaching! For 50 years it had been the truth! And all of a sudden its wrong. “Son-in’-law, you have treaded on shaky ground, your own…that makes it a teaching of a man not lead by God! Daughter why would you be any part of what your father Pastor Ch uck. Smith taught you?” so sad! I was taught when I was 13 years old by Calvary Chapel and the same Pastor today continues to teach what he was taught. Soild teaching. Repent Son-in-law or be responsible for leading the flock astray. Thats some scary responsibility! Wake up daughter! !!

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