1. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is so sad to see many of our beautiful coastal cities brought to ruin by these lawless young people. They are being funded by G. Soros and other leftists and driven or flown to these cities to destroy them and America. Liberal governors and mayors are allowing this to happen. While rioters were destroying and looting in L.A. Gavin Newsom told them to Keep on doing what you are doing. With Sanctuary cities and defunding of police people will move out; many are leaving CA as I write. Who will want to visit these cities on vacation? They are not beautiful or safe anymore.

  2. Jeffry

    George Soros, a Hungarian-Born American billionaire investor and philanthropist seems to be the money behind Antifa. Soros said “I am going to bring down America“. Antifa are Anarchists. They want abolition of the state. No Governing Body. The political left wing group in America. Socialism and Communism. They have shown to be good terrorists too. The attack in Portland may spread to other cities. They are not going away. Why are almost all of them getting bailed out of jail so quickly? Our Presidential election crisis should end in the courts soon. We pray Antifa will be brought under control and truth will reign.

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