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  1. Jen

    If you aren’t paying attention, then you’re not paying attention which many Americans do not due to the daily struggles to just provide for their families. However, this Trump derangement syndrome has permeated the fibers of Americans. On overdrive in fact.
    We have officially turned into a third world country where political opponents are being sacrificed at the altar of convenience and corruption.. If you listen to those who migrated here legally, and sacrificed to bring their families to America for a better life and opportunity, they are seeing the exact regimes that they escaped from.

    This political circus has to end. Is Trump a flawed man?
    Absolutely, aren’t we all? But his messaging has never changed since he was a young man.. He loves this country and didn’t have to stand in the gap for the average American. Trump is fighting to save what little America we have left. I am not a Trump apologist. But I have been watching very closely since he came down that escalator in 2016 to announce his intention to run for president of the United States. His persecution began that day.

    I live in San Diego, California and I know what is flooding our borders. All of this is just a distraction to keep people from paying attention to the important things.

    Where are all the children? They came across the border and poof they are gone.
    Criminals are being let through, the dregs of Afghanistan which no surrounding country wanted to accept, are coming through. Chinese nationals are coming through..

    It is a shell game, The enemy is the author of confusion. He knows his time is short and he and his fallen angel friends are working overtime.
    The Lord is coming soon be on alert, keep your lamps lit and your oil filled.

    if you have done everything you know to do, the Lord requires us to Stand.

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