1. Lynda

    The only way to truly protect your children from anti-God literature is to homeschool them. The books children are required to read in the country that I live in are full of the occult, inappropriate sexual references and are often extremely dark and depressing. Further, even if you are homeschooling beware of some of the book recommendations from many of the homeschooling leaders who in their blogs/podcasts/seminars recommend books that I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near. Don’t simply rely on the “experts” recommendations even if they profess to be Christians. Check them out for yourself, and start by doing some research as to what the author was into – sometimes you will find yourself horrified – many such authors recommended by these people were heavily into the occult. The spirit of which will always affect their writing. A spirit that your child will pick up. Books are never neutral.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Timely truths for this present age. Parents should apply these same principles to far to many churches, para churches, all national youth ministries and seminaries. Monitor your church library and Sunday school curriculum.

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