1. Jeffry

    The pre-tribulation Rapture is from the Bible. The Apostle Paul made it very clear to take the word of God literally when possible.

  2. Jeffry

    Replacement Theology needs to be replaced by the King James Bible. Sadly, John Calvin relied on his Catholic “infant Baptism” to be in Heaven. Again sadly he cried out for God to save him on his deathbed. We are close to hearing The Shout from Heaven that will take Us to be with our Lord Jesus Christ for all eternity! Are you Born Again? Have you trusted the Lord Jesus as your personal savior? Trust Christ today!

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is outrage over a new Danish Bible translation that omits Israel and Jew. An ignorant rabbi in Denmark even says that Israel has no geographical significance. Replacement theology. Most of Europe thinks this way and is anti-Zionist and anti-Israel.

  4. Jeannette

    Awesome comments, Elizabeth. Salvation came to the Gentiles through a Jewish person, our Lord and Saviour, the Greater Son of David. I personally pray much for ISRAEL and am never ashamed of standing for the Jewish people. We received so much through them, the Word of God so carefully preserved for us. May the LORD OPEN EARS AND EYES. God’s word to Abraham still stands.
    I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.
    Thank you LTR for great service to the body of Christ.

  5. Gary G.

    John J.

    Yes, thanks. I say I have smoke on my tail from the Puritan vein of (New) Calvinism. He preached so sincere, but only half of the gospel message, and found it to be oppressive when noticed there was no joy. I once mentioned The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are born again, and he looked at me like, aaa ok. It didn’t even register. I pray for that congregation because they are basing their salvation on chance and/or works.

    Check out:
    TheNewCalvinist. com
    CongdonMinistries. org

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    The R.C. Church has been anti-semitic throughout its long history. Those famous monks, priests and popes have usually hated and persecuted the Jews. I do not call them our Church Fathers as some do. The true church fathers were the disciples who walked with Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Those who believe in Replacement Theology must not read the Bible very carefully. Most R.Catholics do not even know that Mary, Joseph and Jesus were Jews. Liberal mainline Protestants are usually R.T. Now most emergents are R.T. Spiritual Formation for some reason has also contributed to R.T. Satan hates the Jews and wants to destroy them and God’s promises to them: the land, the people and the nation. Those promises were unconditional. The blessings to the Jews were conditional. Most universities are R.T. or BDS. This is prophesied for the last days scenario in Revelation. This persecution, or ignoring the importance of the Jews in the Bible and in prophecy really hurts me, since I am a Messianic Sephardic Jew whose ancestors were taken to the Inquisition and burned at the stake. The 144,000 evangelists during the Tribulation will be Messianic Jews. A remnant of Jews will believe in their Messiah Jesus at the end of the Tribulation. Zechariah 12:10. God has not abandoned His people Israel.

  7. T. I. Miller

    The replacement theology stems first from Rome who established amillinial eschatology. The reformation movement kept and held that same eschatology. Rome is intensely anti Calvinists. You ignored the biggest denomination that conceived of and promotes replacement theology.

  8. Gary G.

    Good stuff.
    Watch for Calvinists to also push this heresy. Many say a pretrib rapture is a new doctrine that started with Darby, but in a very informative book – Dispensationalism Before Darby – William C. Watson clearly lays out a 17th and 18th century truth refuting their argument. The original truth and absolute refutation of Replacement Theology comes from God on High! And without the Holy Spirit, sadly RT followers may not see the gospel truth. We’ll pray for them together.

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