1. CW

    P.S. Their tolerance for Darwin’s racial prejudice in the name of rejecting the Creator shows ranks hypocrisy.

  2. CW

    I am continually astounded that the full title of Darwin’s seminal work is On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races — yet no “politically correct” person or movement ever sees fit to point out the clear prejudice in its title! And now many of them actually BELIEVE that aliens out there somewhere in the wild blue yonder “seeded” human beings on earth! I’ve been shocked that so-called educated people actually put their faith in such nonsense theories. And all because they refuse to believe in and trust in God…

  3. T. I. Miller

    Darwinism is used to deny the biblical account of of the creation of man and more importantly the fall of man. The original sin of Adam being passed on to all of mankind was rejected. The need for a redeemer is rejected. From there came the idea that all are basically good. that all bad behavior is learned behavior. Therefore man and society could be perfected. They want a Utopian world as long as God is not in the picture. Being reduced to star dust and an accident of nature left them with a huge spiritual vacuum in their souls. Refusing to have God rule over them, it is no surprise they would embrace any number of Satan’s spiritual deceptions. Mystic religions, metaphysics, links all false beliefs together.

  4. Kal

    It will probably be the way to explain the Rapture. Higher beings that took away those that had reached the higher plain of belief. In the 70’s we had heard that the government is already to explain away the Rapture with their tale of UFO’s in newspapers, tv news, magazines, and (now) the internet. Just another way to control the masses that refused God and Christ Jesus. People searching for truth of why everything is and how it came to be, will hold onto anything that is not from the Bible. If ignorance is bliss, they are the most blissful people on Earth. Very sad.

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