1. Elizabeth Bennett

    In Luke 12:51 Jesus said, Do you think I have come to bring peace on this earth (world peace)? No, I have come to bring division. From now on five in one house will be divided. The gospel separates believers from non-believers. We should not compromise the gospel of Christ just for the sake of peace and global unity. Look what happened to the Tower of Babel!

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    I could not have put it better than Linda. I have been studying the movement toward the global religion/spirituality for almost twenty years now. There was a great shift around the year 2000 when the church growth/purpose driven principles came in and overtook many churches. but I noticed a shift in 2018, it was as if one could sense the darkness increase greatly. It seems like things are accelerating rapidly now. There is a sense of grief and heaviness for family and friends but also a sense of joy in my spirit knowing that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon to take us away from this world before the terrible judgments fall on those who will side with antichrist and be completely against God and all that he stands for, as Linda put it. I am thankful for people like Carl Teichrib who take time to study and teach on what is happening. So many are in ignorance, it is terrifying. I have benefited greatly from Warren Smith’s material as well as Dave Hunt’s. I thank God that he has people like this to stand up and speak the truth and expose the error and people who perpetrate it, regardless of consequences they may suffer as a result. I pray that there will still be those who will have their eyes and understanding opened and come out of the deception/apostasy before it is too late. This is a time to be sober and watchful.

  3. Linda

    I see all of this happening. The formation of the one world government, religion, and economy. It is not happening overnight, but in a thousand bricks being laid, steps being placed on the path. Technology plays a huge role, without it, it would not be possible to have a one world currency, to have world wide surveillance, control and censor information, be interconnected in so many areas, and for all eyes to see the antichrist at one moment. By pulling at border walls and the very concept, as well as allowing migrants free pass, the walls are coming down to reveal a one world government. That is one example. We are on the cusp of an exponential curve where all these things increase… technology expands, nations coalesce, religions unite, economies merge, etc. Not only that, but all of these will converge with one another. It’s all being sucked into that great vortex of ‘Oneness.’ I see it everywhere I go so I can relate to what he says here. That ‘oneness’ zeitgeist is everywhere. They deny the essentials of the gospel. Oneness in religion and spirituality, in race, in gender, in nationality, ethnicity and citizenry, in economic need, in perceived pantheism and intrinsic ‘goodness’ and so on. It is the false ‘oneness’ of the antichrist, not the unity of God’s kingdom but its stark counterfeit and opposite as it defies all that God stands for. It is the false luciferian light that is shining upon humanity and drowning them in delusion at an accelerated rate. It is only those grounded like anchors steadfastly in God’s Word that will not be swept away in all the hype and hypnotics of it or the temptation to compromise for self preservation.

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