Girl Scouts to troops: ‘We’re not radical!’

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by Jane Chastain
WorldNet Daily

The Girl Scouts hierarchy has issued a “Communications Alert” to council CEOs and board chairs to try to put out the firestorm created by the launch of the new “leadership” program inspired by the Ashland Institute and created with the help of the Oxford Leadership Academy.

The new program will take the Girl Scouts on a series of age-specific “journeys” that culminate with the Senior Scouts becoming “ambassadors” to change the world for the global good. However, much of the current emphasis has been on the recruitment of adults who are being trained to become “guides” for the girls on these journeys.

Many believe that the new program is an indoctrination into the New Age movement. Consider the leaders/founders of the above-mentioned groups. The Ashland Institute, which specializes in a practice known as Transitional Awareness, is led by Michael Cecil, the former leader of the Emissaries of Divine Light cult, founded by his father. Click here to read this entire out of house news story.

The New Age Comes to the Girl Scouts (special Lighthouse Trails Report – July 6, 2008)

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