1. T. I. Miller

    Dear Jim,
    You are making a common logical fallacy. No one is perfect in their walk and or theology.
    Being correct even 99% of the time cant excuse making a huge theological blunder.
    Sincerity cannot excuse it either.
    Even Appolos had to be corrected through instructions. Aaron only made one spiritual blunder, known as the golden calve incident. No one is perfect. Errors remain errors no matter who makes them.

  2. Pastor Robert G Trohon Jr

    I would add Brian Brodersen and the Calvary Global Network church as part of this ungodly movement

  3. But we should challenge these leaders if they are in the wrong in serious matters. Hopefully, Jack Hibbs and Kirk Cameron will humbly acknowledge that they made a mistake by telling millions of people to watch The Chosen.

  4. Jim

    I’ve been listening to and watching Jack Hibbs for about 4 years. In my opinion he is teaching the Word very solidly. And I mean staying Biblically sound. He is currently teaching verse by verse through Romans on Sundays and Hebrews on Wednesdays. I don’t detect anything even remotely ecumenical or any other new thing. He did mention the Chosen in a positive light a few months ago. I thought it was I’ll advised to do so. I would encourage people to tune in and check it out for themselves.

  5. Larry Mason

    All I can say, as a discerning Christian for many years, is that the devil is working overtime in these last days since he attained a foothold in the evangelical church.
    “Even come, Lord Jesus”!

  6. Susan

    All the well known names you mentioned in the LTRJ Note: Birds of a feather…mark and avoid them.


  7. T. I. Miller

    Seeker friendly movement is built upon the sin of showing partiality. So called team players are highly favored.
    Non team players are deemed bad apples that must be discarded. That is only time church discipline is practiced. Its built upon knowing but not doing the word of God. Are they now becoming the very core of the Great delusion?

  8. Angeline Johannes

    Dallas Jenkins also has stated that his intention is to lead a “billion” souls to his version of Jesus (which is not Jesus of the Bible who Paul preaches, but “another Jesus” and another gospel called Mormonism.

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