1. Jeff

    Here in Ontario, Canada my wife and I personally witnessed the Covid insanity. Our Prime Minister Trudeau is NOW pushing a double vaxx for Covid and the flu. My wife is a Registered Nurse and she STILL cannot obtain employment for 3 years now because she is not vaxxed and cannot obtain a medical exemption despite the fact that the life threatening risk to her, due to her medical history of taking the vaxx, far out ways the risk of “dying” from Covid. The vaxx does NOT stop transmission and does NOT stop infection as per the CDC’s own admission. The majority of church leaders and their congregations were and are still in “lock step” with the government edicts concerning Covid and the governments stance against the evil Canadian truckers convoy and against a select number of Pastors who continued to open their churches. No wondering any longer about “How” Chancellor Hitler deceived the German people into participating in “the Final Solution”. Pro-Hamas rallies throughout the “West” are confirmation of the perilous times we are in. “Thank you” Martin Luther and John Calvin, “revered reformers” for spewing your Jew hating Replacement Theology/Supersessionism throughout so many so called “churches”. Is it even possible to find a Biblical church today? Yes, there still are a few, but you may have to drive/fly for many hours just to get there. All I can say is Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  2. Norma Brooks

    I can so relate to the author of this article. I was born and raised in WA state. Raised my daughters in a home that I lived in for 3 decades. But when covid hit, along with the mandates and masks, I watched, in my conservative ranching/farming community in eastern WA, people transform into what reminded me then, and still does, of nazis. This even included people that previously claimed to be conservatives and some even claiming to be Christians. I felt like I was understanding why and how so many people buckled under Hitler and how he took the population of Germany, captive. It was truly a shock to my system. My entire family, all 17 members, fled WA state when both my daughter and SIL refused to take the shot and both lost their professional jobs. It truly was hard, and still is for me, to comprehend how I saw people change before my eyes.
    We live in perilous times. During covid, which I wasn’t afraid of, but was deeply worried about the tyrannical moves out of the government in WA state, one of the verses that I’ve always hung onto was, Proverbs 3:5-6
    “Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. {6} In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

    No matter what our future holds, I’ll continue standing on the promises of God.

  3. Jody Jeffers

    Wow! What a powerful and timely article. I am making prayer Bibles for all my grandchildren (an extremely timely but rewarding project) for Christmas. If you don’t mind, I will definitely be taking excerpts from your article to include in each Bible. Thank you for this article….Matt.6:21 is my favorite scripture.

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