1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I just received a book by David Horowitz, a Jew describing how leftists are planning to eradicate the Judeo-Christian morality that our founders based our freedoms upon. Am anxious to read it. Those who hate Israel also hate America. It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is joining with Marxists to destroy America and take over.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    I live in California. We had to meet outside of our church building again due to Gavin Newsom’s draconian mandates, even though the virus is weaker and not killing as many as before. No restaurants, no beaches, no singing no chanting in worship. Businesses in lockdown again. This seems more like Communist China than America. Perhaps we will have to worship in underground, secret gatherings in the future. I hope our Prez will reign in these evil governors and mayors who are destroying our country. I also read recently that this is a dangerous time for Jews. Here we pray that all of us will have our freedoms back soon, with churches and schools open.

  3. T. I. Miller

    The question for pastors and laity alike is how then should we live, knowing the world lies in the power of the evil one?
    Do we fight fire with fire? Can we overcome this evil with good? Will we be treated like the Jews in the Holocaust.
    Dont think it cannot happen again. What we are seeing is the fervent blind faith of mind controlled civilian foot soldiers of the left. To them we are evil. We are a cancer. They are self righteously pure and good and are fully justified to treat us all with total contempt. To them stopping us is like stopping a cop with his knee on the throat of a child.
    This is hatred incarnate not a political schism.
    Should we simply be anxious for nothing and worship every Sunday as normally.
    perhaps we ought to hold mass marches and rallies too.

  4. CW

    ITA with all the facts in this article. The problem as I see it with his recommendation is that the people who ARE speaking out are being silenced, fired from their jobs, etc.

    I believe it will take MANY people en masse who are courageous enough to Tell The Truth before anyone will (hopefully) listen and not give a knee-jerk response of hate.

    The ironic/hypocritical thing about all this condemnation of anyone who is not radical Leftist is — Where is the tolerance which the Left USED to say everyone should exhibit???

    They have Zero Tolerance for any ideas which do not agree with theirs — which is the definition of totalitarianism. I pray for God’s mercy on our nation!!

  5. T. I. Miller

    The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob sent the flood.
    He sent the 10 plagues. He drowned the Egyptians. He sent the Chaldeans to attack unfaithful Israel. The OT list is extensive. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Israel sinned away Gods protection.
    American churches have become lukewarm. The sins of Sodom the sins of child sacrifice dont deserve His blessing do they? God proclaims the tribulations in Revelations and He will bring it to pass.
    God never forsook Daniel but He brought the 70 year captivity to pass. God protected the land of Goshen from the plague. He can rapture the church before the great tribulation. Anything short of national repentance like Ninavah cannot stay His Holy hand. Dominionism isn’t biblical and the 7 years are as inevitable as the great flood.
    Nevertheless run the race and preach the Gospel to save as many as we can while He tarries.

  6. Jeffry

    A very informative article that tells us what is happening in America right now. The Cultural Seismic Shift began following the death of a black man by police. Black Lives Matter with Trained Marxist Leaders started protest marches all over America. The New Left is promoting Marxist Indoctrination. They are satanists. They want to destroy Christianity. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated our schools, Colleges ,Government ,Intellectuals ,family values. We are in a crisis with Covid-19. With George Floyd’s death brought riots. Rioters destroyed stores and homes and killed. BLM is trying to demoralize our country. White privilege? Sadly, our church leaders have been silent. Why? We pray for help from Our Heavenly Father to direct our path.

  7. Linny

    Abounding in good information and analysis. You cleared up a lot of new cultural thinking. Thank you.

  8. David S.

    I listened to the entire 2 hours 9 minutes video. Worth While!
    the Power Point presentation ends at 1 hour 21 minutes then he does a Q & A. The last three minutes of the Q & A he makes a shocking statement about ‘house churches’ which I believe is where we are headed. He is not a sensationalist, very rational and thought out.
    good Biblical perspective I believe.

  9. John J

    May I add that a Calvinist ex-friend boasted about the glory of the ‘sovereign gawt’ in the destruction that the coronavirus has brought/will still bring. The same person sang their vengeful god’s praises at the Paris terrorist attacks and tsunamis. It simply boggled my mind continuously. Please keep the cult of Calvinism /reformed ‘theology’ in mind all the time; they are as much as part of the problem as the Marxist movements; in fact, Calvinism and allies are more destructive than all put together as their father is the father of darkness himself.

  10. Chuck Myer

    Truly enlightening with essential info. Sending this to my family members. Oh how important that we, as Christians, do not find ourselves with our heads in the sand, uninformed to the point of being rendered unaware and ineffective in the midst of a very real social upheaval. Thanks

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