1. Jeffry

    Sadly I add to my first comment. It is about the Internal Revenue Code 501(C)3 non-profit Government churches. A Government Relief Program that is giving money to churches called Pandemic Aid Bailout which is tax-payer funded. These churches of course have been closed for how many months? Some “mega churches” have received millions of dollars to stay closed. What a great testimony to our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ??? Money is the root of evil for many things. Some of the small churches are fighting for their life to open their doors to preach the Gospel while some churches are on vacation. How sad this is. I have no date to when the Lord Jesus is coming for His Bride. The Lord did tell us His return will be like the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. How close are we? Maybe today? DO NOT put off salvation another moment. Today is the day of SALVATION . Tomorrow may be to LATE!!!

  2. CW

    A son informed me today of some extremely refreshing comments which were made by a former NFL player, now actor, Terry Crews.

    He said that claims of supremacy of any kind (regardless of skin colors) are a spiritual problem, and made other very wise comments as well. I couldn’t find his original comments (that might be a miracle now), but he reiterated some of them in this article:


  3. Jeffry

    How close is Christs return to take all Christians home? Last Sunday The BLM was beating a woman in front of her 2 little children. A woman going to church with her 2 little children was harassed by members of the BLM. Church members tried to block these satanic thugs from entering but some got in. Christians are in a spiritual war with Satan and his demons. Pray for wisdom from God to direct our path. The Governor of the state of Rhode Island has invited a Israel Intelligence linked firm using “AI” to profile Americans and guide americas new Lockdown Policy for medical reasons. A Covid 19-Monitoring System using Diagnostic Robotics for “Risk Profiling” of our health. If you are sick in anyway you could be “Red Tagged“ to be put in the hospital to get healthy. Probably you will be vaccinated. The U.S. government is backing this plan. The earth grows darker by the minute. Preach the Gospel Christians. We should be looking for the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ at any moment. Unsaved? Trust Christ today!

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