1. JMGee

    Replying to CW, Goel obviously meant to type RFK Jr., who has been very vocal about the dangers of certain vaccines.

  2. CW

    Goel, you said, “Look for articles where JFK Jr. speaks about the 2002 vaccine studies done with ferrets and the ultimate outcomes.”

    This is confusing to me, because, IIRC, JFK Jr. died in 1999? So how could he have commented on vaccine studies done in 2002?

    Maybe I missed something. Please let me know. Thank you, and God bless. 🙂

  3. Goel

    Point 15 about the successful vaccines is a joke. Never in the history of vaccines has a successful mRNA vaccine been produced for humans. Look for articles where JFK Jr. speaks about the 2002 vaccine studies done with ferrets and the ultimate outcomes.
    On point 12, the WHO only announced the virus as a pandemic after they received a $50M grant (I believe) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Look for the Corbett Report on bitchute.com titled “Who is Bill Gates?” Also, in Wuhan, the military games were taking place. China along with Italy and Spain rolled out 5G and the sickness people endured was blamed on the so-called coronavirus.
    Point 11 concerning race chaos has at its root BLM but there’s another hidden group not so well-known called Sunrise. That organization targets high school students to do their dirty work.
    Point 8 about the pandemic propaganda began last October when Johns Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had a simulated event called Event 201. Shortly before that, Kary Mullis, the inventor of the RT-PCR test died unexpectedly. Coincidence? Dr. Mullis states the PCR test is not to be used to find viruses. Also, the Rockefeller Foundation published a document that included a section called Lock Step back in 2010. You’ll see what is going on right now has been planned for a long time.
    Repentance for its continued sins is the only way America will be saved from GOD’s wrath. Prayer is the all we have left.

  4. CW

    Can you explain this? [From the full article] “Fox News delivered a final insult to its faithful audience on election night 2020.”

    Did I miss something? I don’t know if I watched that channel that night. I’ve been disappointed with them for some time about various things and (as the article said) I only watch a little bit of Fox News now. I have been watching NewsMax more.

  5. CW

    After hearing so much evidence for many months now, I believe with all my heart that these things have been done out of Dems’ determination that what happened in 2016 (their candidate lost) would not happen again:

    1) After hearing of all the back-and-forth traffic in recent years and months to China by Democrats in high places (not all in government, including Bill Gates and Hunter Biden), I absolutely 100% believe that they made a deal with China to have the virus brought here to wreck our economy. They must have been really desperate about this election because President Trump did such a masterful job of turning the economy around.

    2) The huge amount of election fraud is mind-boggling. I truly do not believe that ALL of it will ever come to light (unless God does a miracle, which I’m praying for!), but there is PLENTY of evidence out there in key states to show how unbelievably shady and downright evil their tactics were.

    I remember well that Hillary was utterly devastated in 2016. She and Bill and other Dems were so sure that Trump could not beat her. But of course they were wrong. When the Dems got over the shock, they immediately went into a rage (demonic, IMHO, because it has been so completely irrational and intense). I believe that in the days immediately following that election, they went into overdrive with their evil plans and plots for this year’s election. And I have no doubt that Soros and the Obamas were right in there with them. God help…

  6. Jeffry

    Amen Sister: You have done your homework. Tears fell from my eyes as I read your list. The world is now as in the days of Noah. Just 2 comments about Enoch in the days before the flood. Enoch pleased God and preached a Lord coming to judge the world ( Jude v. 14 ) Enoch was translated (gone) that he should not see death. “Men searched but Enoch was gone, he was not to be found ( Hebrews 11:5 ) His translation marked the opening of a generation that closed with the flood. Shall all of us be as Enoch who pleased God and warned this lost world of judgement coming. I believe we will be Raptured before the tribulation judgement begins. Pray all of us will.

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