1. CW

    Good grief, we have not had a 100-degree heat wave here for decades! I’m talking about temps in the 100s, day after day, for at least a week, sometimes longer.

    Those have happened twice in my lifetime, once when I was a teen and once when I was in my 20s. Not telling my age, but those were a LOOOOONG time ago. 😉

  2. Richard

    Well – our Creator “is in Control, and knows best”. Sooo much speculation. And our Evil, anti-Christ main-stream Media keeps fomenting LIES! Global Warming??? – Hogwash, check out the ‘Real History’ of Global fluctuations, and one will find a “ Completely Different Story”. Leaders/Politicians who “deny” the existence of YAWEH GOD are in for a BIG Surprise.
    Blessed be the Name of our Lord.

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