1. Rebecca F.

    As many did, I bought the Season 1 DVD of Chosen and watched it with great anticipation. By the time I reached the end of Season 1, I had an uneasy feeling in my spirit. I couldn’t put my finger on why but I had no desire to watch the 2nd season. My sister, a strong believer, told me when she “thinks of Christ now, she “sees” the actor who portrays Him in Chosen.” That was a HUGE red flag to me. A short time later I sent her a very good article—it could have been one from Lighthouse Trails—and I reminded her of her statement. Praise God, my sister’s eyes were opened and she never watched another episode.

    Thank you for your gift of discernment and your courage to go against the grain. I believe the Chosen series is a cleverly packaged, deceitful attempt to strip Christ of His deity in people’s minds, and to relegate Him to the position of a nice, charismatic guy with some good teachings and funny friends. In my mind that’s heresy at its worst and should be avoided by any true follower of Christ Jesus, our Messiah and God. As he was in the Garden of Eden, Satan is subtle and effective.

    God bless you and protect your ministry from Satan and his minions. Maranatha!

  2. Mary Addams

    Wow! – After watching about 5 episodes of season 2, I TOO saw fabrication and slander of historical characters in the Bible – Mary’s relapse, and Nathanial being a failed architect… these bothered me, as i had been so excited the series about …. supposedly about.. The Bible and Jesus, was so popular! — So I wrote to the producers and asked the if they had anything at all to support the extra-biblical information they were spreading…. I was met with harsh criticism – I was told if i did not like the show, I should not be in the FB group about it. … — YOU are the FIRST ONE that I have come across that sees, and talks about, what i see. THANK GOD!!! — I wouldn’t know this if I had not been reading through my bible since 2007, so I realize that most Christians and most Americans, have not read the Bible completely through even once.. so they are vulnerable to being fed slanderous information.. misleading stories about the people of the Bible… I even suggested a way for the producer to have a talk AFTER each episode where they could talk about what they ADDED or changed and to direct peo0ple to read the storied, the history, as the Bible recorded it. – they were not interested in doing so.. perhaps some of us could do that.

  3. Crystal Johnson

    I’ve never seen The Chosen and wasn’t attracted to it from the beginning, working on the assumption that anything to do with Christ that is overwhelmingly popular cannot be about the real Christ!!!
    Thank God for your ministry! Remain the standard bearers that you are. You are needed more than ever in these ever-darkening days.
    I’m always drawn to the Scripture in Isaiah 59:14,15 “So justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.” We live in such times imho. Blessings.

  4. Mitch Culp

    Thank you for your diligent research about the Chosen. My wife and I watched the very first episode and didn’t seem to think that there was anything necessarily bad about it. Then when we tried to watch the second episode we being to experience a very strong agitation within our spirit. We never watched another episode. Then i came across your article and a few others and I realized why we felt such a resistance to continue to watch the program.
    One other thought. Why do so many people have to have some type of physical image to enhance their relationship with God? If i understand scripture the Ten Commandants are now written on our hearts. then how can we justify violating #2. We are not to make or worship graven images. Scripture clearly states that God is Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit an truth. i can only speak for myself because by both Hebrew and Greek definitions, Spirit it is the movement of air, and i have never seen the air move. i have only seen the effects of the “movement” of the air. So if God is Spirit, then please tell me how i can see Him? I can only see he effect of Him my life as well as others. Thank you for your witness of perseverance, because we all are going to be needing some of that as we move forward.

  5. MV

    Thank you for enduring the flack for your faithfulness to exercise your incredible (of course, from God, after all) gifts of discernment for the upbuilding of the rest of us. I am deeply grateful for your posts.

    Speaking of discernment, do you have any information about Lee University in TN? I happened to see a newspaper report about a “happening” in the chapel there.


  6. Wilma

    Thank you Lighthouse Trails Publishing!
    Every time Dallas Jenkins says “We love the same Jesus” as Mormonism, it makes me sick to my stomach!
    He surely knows better having studied theology.
    I can only assume he has agreed to dance with the Devil for a price.
    I pray for his soul and those of his unsaved partners.

  7. Gail

    I asked Jesus to give me more discernment as I’ve been viewing several episodes of The Chosen. The next morning I received one of your monthly emails. As I continued searching your website, I found this article. Thank you for the clear clarification to verify my concerns of this popular secular series. Jesus is God’s one and only Son. He wouldn’t need to practice any sermon or teaching.

  8. Doug A.

    Rory in the comments here correctly brings up the prohibition to worship images as God. Christians know not to worship a tree, or a statue, but since we are supposed to worship Christ, how can we NOT worship if shown a supposed image of Jesus? Faith comes by hearing not by seeing; the New Testament emphasizes this in several places such as; 1 Peter 1:8 “Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory”. Further, Acts 17:29 “Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device”. Movies like the Chosen (and others) that portray Jesus are by definition a false image of Christ (since we don’t know what he looked like or specifically how he acted) and thus are a clear violation of Scripture. Movies have a powerful influence on us and we need to be very careful in our depiction of God and what false images that may place in our viewers. Thank you Lighthouse Trails for your discernment in this matter.

  9. Cindy

    Thank you for ALL that you do, LHRT! I believe you will hear one day, Well done my good and faithful servant.


    jonathan cahn is a false teacher and a sensationalist
    he may sound good from time to time but the majority of times he never uses the bible, yet he tried to reproof lost joe biden calling him an apostate joe biden is a lost man headed for hell and he also exalts mother tersea who had another jesus and another gospel and he also is on sid roth show and jim bakker show very troublin. try the spirits whether they are from GOD. 1ST JOHN4-1, ALSO HE SAYS REVIVAL IS COMMING THATS A LIE TOO.

  11. Mary

    Well said!! Thank you for standing boldly!!

    It saddens me that so many Christians have become so weak in their faith and not listen to the Holy Spirit that lives in them, to be able to discern the points you have made.

    Even Jesus said many will come in My Name, and to not believe them. The apostasy in the churches, and the same spirit that is in the public school systems is dumbing them down into a carnal spirituality.

    Just so sad.

  12. Roger

    Years ago (through the 1990’s) I remember reading a statement by one David Meyer (Last Trumpet Ministries) along the lines that the one spiritual gift (which was lacking then) that Christians needed most was discernment.
    You may never know how many you have helped over the years through you at LTR and your writers/contributors ministries.
    I thank our Heavenly Father for you all, your warnings, sharings and teaching of truth under the guidance of His Spirit.
    May the grace, peace and presence of our Lord Jesus remain with you.

  13. JDV

    Ep. 7 of The Chosen with “Joshua” and “Moses”:

    -Joshua. How many more in the night?
    -Some, sir.
    -Where will you bury them?
    -The men are trying to dig a trench, but the ground is hard and rocky. With respect, Moses, my concern is not for the dead, but for the dying. Hundreds fall by the day. And for every serpent we kill another ten appear.
    -Maybe we should leave the bodies here, in this tent.
    -At the rate people are dying, there would not be enough room, even if we stack them to the top.
    -Then we’ll have to leave and find someplace else.
    -We’re not leaving anytime soon. Too many are sick and cannot walk.
    -After today, the only Hebrews too sick to walk will be those
 who choose to remain so.
    -Is there medicine in that bronze? You told the people that you would ask God to forgive their rebellion, to heal their serpent wounds-
    -I did.
    -Then why are you hiding in a tent.
    -It wasn’t my idea, Joshua!
    -That is a pagan symbol. You did not ask Him if He was sure? Maybe you misunderstood Him.
    -I’ve learned to do what He says without questioning. You remember what happened at Meribah.
    -Just to be sure, we could send a messenger to Ezion-Geber, beg for aid-
    -That pole. Hand me that pole.
    -The people will say it is a cruel joke.
    -Let them say that.
    -Help me understand. None of this makes any sense.
    -How do you explain the Red Sea? The manna and the quail? The pillar of fire? Joshua, any Israelite who looks upon this bronze serpent and believes in the power of Adonai will be healed. It’s an act of faith, not reason. Faith.”

    Comparing Numbers 21:4-9 to the narrative constructed by the “Chosen” writers:

    — Not a word of conversation appears there as occurring between Joshua and Moses; the only recorded verbal communications seem to be the people speaking against God and against Moses, the people acknowledging their sin to Moses and asking Moses to pray to God to take away the serpents that were sent, and God telling Moses to build the bronze serpent and place it on a pole.

    — Was there sufficient time for the TV show narrative to have occurred? Why would writers imagine long lags between the serpent attacks and the people pleading with Moses to pray that the serpents be taken away, for that prayer to be made, for God to answer, and for the bronze serpent to be made and deployed? Why speculate that the people that had just prayed would’ve been on burial detail?

    – Why imagine that Moses would be taking reports on that burial detail while he took a long time to construct a bronze serpent? Might basic line shapes not need weeks of time consuming work to achieve? Also, didn’t God commanded Moses to craft it, not an artisan as in other cases?

    -What warranted inclusion of presumptive, made up dialogue with “Joshua” blanching at the bronze serpent as well as this far into the journey questioning if “Moses” heard right what God commanded, also what’s said about hiding and cruel jokes?

    -Might Moses have tabled dead body logistics or leaving…

  14. Lisa

    I was urged to watch the chosen but I felt that it would be wrong somehow because anything Christian is always wrong somehow on screen.

    Was glad to see Lighthouse Trails article talking about what was wrong with this show, thanks for your discernment!

  15. Nancy Hannah

    Thank you, very good article and you are spot on! Which is why you are attacked.
    We love you LHT!

  16. Pettifogging Pharisee

    Charles insisting that LTRP is “ignoring the actual script itself and fail to show how there’s anything in this script that contradicts standard Evangelical Biblical theology”…

    while he outright and deliberately ignores the glaring fact that both the production company and Dallas himself proudly state that not even a faction of the Bible applies to the show, which is the very definition of contridictions to standard Evangelical Biblical theology.

    But please, don’t let discernment and reality get in the way of the insatiable need to be entertained by fables.

  17. Charles, we have provided over 20 articles critiquing The Chosen, and most of them have examples of the errors of the script itself. And remember, even Dallas Jenkins says that only 5% of it is from the Bible!


    Like all of the other video or written criticisms that I have seen or read criticizing The Chosen, you make the same basic error. You ignore the actual script itself and fail to show how there’s anything in this script that contradicts standard Evangelical Biblical theology. And the script is the backbone of the show; everything revolves around this script. All these other peripheral issues you raise are irrelevant, and it is those issues that you and other critics seem to focus on. And I’ll say it again, they are irrelevant, they are non-issues! Oh, by the way Lynne, The Chosen is not a Hollywood production but an independent crowdfunded project whose three screenplay writers are all Evangelical. No Mormon influence in the script whatsoever.

  19. Rory

    Another reason to avoid these productions is they place a false image in the mind of our Lord. After it being implanted, how do you not view it when in prayer or communion with Jesus?
    Exo 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

  20. Dorcas Maldonado

    Thank you so much for your ministry. Your articles have helped me to articulate my concerns to so many about the emergent church movement, mysticism in the church, yoga etc. Currently, I am concerned about the movie ”Jesus Revolution” that is coming out nationwide on 2/24/23. I will be praying for pastors and true Christians to be alert and ready to give a Biblical response to it’s message as I expect it will be powerfully sentimental and unbiblical.
    I am so thankful for your ministry. I am praying for you.
    Your sister in Christ

  21. Barbara Edmonds

    Excellent article! Right on! I was invited to a church yesterday and we went to the Sunday School first. Well the elderly teacher was way off. Promoting Jonathan Cahn’s new book. Promoting The Way Bible translation and that one only needed to read a few words and then meditate on them and then he was quite happy that he had many people accept Jesus. The lesson was to be on Romans 8 but he never got more than 2 verses read. The main Pastor had a good message in Ephesians about putting on the armour. We do need to know the Word of God so we won’t be deceived. One lady that I went with listened to what I said about the class and asked for more references and books. She felt something wasn’t quite right. I am taking more booklets over to her today. I didn’t speak much to the other lady, yet because she and the teacher have been friends for many years. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t.

  22. DIANA

    Good commentary on this show. I appreciate your use of scriptures in your reasoning. Society seems to be mostly driven now by feelings. This show makes people ‘feel’. I have yet to see or hear a defense of the show based upon scripture. Always based on feelings.

  23. Lina

    Dear Brethren in the Lord, thank you for covering and exposing the Truth about (The Chosen) I was heading down that slippery slope of watching the chosen and referring the movie. When you posted the truth, it was a confirmation to me that it was not Biblical, but error lots of lies and twisted stories made up, like soap operas. I soon started telling friends and family how wrong I was about the chosen and send them your article exposing the Truth. It’s difficult to find any good movies now days. God bless you all for being the watchmen, your work is edifying and encouraging as it should be for a child of God. May our Heavenly Father Bless your Ministry a Thousand Fold in Jesus Precious Name Amen.
    By His Grace,

  24. Polly

    An interesting encounter happened in my life the other day. I parked by another woman and we laughed about our crooked parking. As we walked together to the store she said she had just been to see The Chosen. I told her she must be careful with that series as it portrays Jesus as a Good ole Boy and takes away His holiness. She replied, ” I wondered why I was not attracted to this movie! We talked further, and I related the Mormon connection. She was so grateful to me and thanked me over and over for telling her the truth. God is moving!! He is using us to glorify Him with total strangers. These encounters are happening more frequently in my life in the last several months.

  25. Pettifogging Pharisee

    Whenever somebody tries to make the case that a show which invents its own lores of the Christ event is somehow helping them to read their Bible, I quote back some wise words from a recent Newsletter by The Berean Call:

    “The initial attraction to mysticism is the lie that it will help draw a person to God.” – Excerpt from Flocking to Fables, Berean Call Newsletter Feb 2023.

  26. Susan R

    Thank you for this article. So many people are basing their beliefs on the emotions they feel while watching The Chosen. They disregard any discernment. It seems to almost becoming a cult, maybe it already is. Thank you for your encouragement.

  27. Lynne

    Just commenting to say I totally agree with the article about The Chosen. Anything that comes out of Hollywood should cause true Christians to view it with the utmost discernment. I thank you very much for your ministry. I love Lighthouse Trails.

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